Ray Franz' Book

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  • hawkaw

    Buster is right on with respect to the tone .... except I did note strong hints of sarcasm when Ray dealt with unbelievable "double standards" found in the Governing Body of this high control group.

    Also (I think I forgot to note this but) Ray does provide back up documentation proving his points as well.


  • twinkletoes

    Hello JNS2

    Although everything appears to have been said about Ray Franz and his books, I still want to add my little bit, I can never thank Ray enough for having the courage to write those books, and with so much humility and as a REAL christian, I was half-expecting a bitter man, but what a surprise. His insight into the Organisation and double standards etc. would have been impossible for the ordinary JW to ever find out.

    We wrote a letter to Ray & Cynthia to thank them for the wonderful information, but did not expect a reply, and yet within one week he wrote back to us (and this was from USA to UK) and it was a very upbuilding letter, one which I will treasure. Quite the opposite to the local elders who came to visit and discuss our "doubts" - UN involvement, false prophecies, paedophiles etc. that was nearly three months ago and they still haven't got back to us !!

    I'm sure that you will benefit greatly from Ray's books and of course the other books mentioned here too.


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