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  • JNS2

    Howdy, I'm new here. 21 years in & now about 1 year drifted away with no meetings for spiritual food other than the memorial. So, in my brother's view I am either spiritually dead or the next thing to it. I'm now questioning everything at least in part because of looking at these [email protected]#$% boards. Anyway, I think it's time I read Ray Franz' book even though I've OBVIOUSLY been warned not to. I'm having my own mini coc, & can hardly imagine what he went through, but as I said, I think it's time now. I just want to know though, what is the current situation with him. A comment was made on a similar board to this one: "buy Ray's book, he needs the money". Will someone fill me in on what's going on with him? In all seriousness, I appreciate reading these posts & occasionally leaving one. In the past I wouldn't have considered doing this, but it doesn't seem so frightening now. Thanks.....

  • borgfree

    Glad to see you here JNS2, I do not know anything about Ray's financial situation, but I know you will really enjoy the book.


  • shera

    Hi and welcome.

    We don't bite...welll ummm Farkle might!(joking)

    I haven't read the COC yet myself but I have full intention to.



  • NameWithheld

    It's an awesome book - a real insight into the way the WT 'business' was conducted during the 50s, 60s, and especially 70's. A tide was turning in the 70's (rule by commitee) and it's obvious that the WT 'business' is still ruled by commitee. Everything Ray states he has documentation to back up, and he doesn't go down the 'sensationalst' route. Just an explination of the things he observed, and how it efffected him personally. As to his current financial standing, I have no idea.

  • nativenyr23

    Welcome to the board JNS2. Nice to have ya aboard!

    The way I see it, real "truth" should hold up to any scrutiny. Those were my thoughts when I, at the time still a witness, decided to read Ray's book. If it's the "truth", then NOTHING i read should affect my faith.

    Think of it that way, read it, then draw your own conclusions.

  • Bob_NC

    Reading his book(s) will forever change your view of the WT Society. He is not a sensationalist, just presents his experiences and documents very well.

    He lives a quiet life in Georgia and is not at all interested in being put on a pedestal. He seems to have a circle of close friends. Many are former JWs but he will point out that our aim is not, and should not be, to isolate ourselves within some other group. I have no idea about his finances and would bet some of mine that the person claiming that he "needs" for you to buy his book do not know either.


  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Welcome aboard.

    You may want to read his other book too. In Search of Christian Freedom. This was an excellent book to put JW teachings in perspective, for me anyway.


  • startingover

    I don't know anything of his finanancial situation either, but I do know you can get the book directly from him at http://www.commentarypress.com. I wish I had gotten my copy directly from him as I now feel I owe him.

    As far as the comment made about everything being backed up, does anyone know of a way to back up the comments made about Mexico and the cultural-religeous organizational status?

  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    There was a discussion about the Mexico issue within the last day or two. Farkel posted a lengthy discussion on the subject. Look for the subject "Another Watchtower Lie" or something along those lines started by GeddyLee.


  • Shakita

    My husband and I read Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom last year. If you want to have your eyes opened on how "the only organization approved of by God" really works, read these two books.

    You will never look at the organization of JW's the same way again. I don't know how anyone can read these books and return to be an active JW. Some may be able to, but I don't know how they live with their consciences. We have decided to follow our conscience.

    Why do you want to know about Ray Franz's financial situation? Is that relevant to what he says in his books?

    Best to you,

    Mrs. Shakita

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