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  • happy man
    happy man

    I think the point is, can we have 6 million diffrent wuies, if we are one peopel widh one spirite can we not have a lot of diffrent belives.

    I hope we can come to a standpoint that the most issus , are bettwen us and Jehova, as they have done widh this blood fractions. Perhaps we can come back to a point that this widh blood issu as we have before 1961, we will not bee dfd, or treated like we was dfd if we dont follow the line from GB.

    I think this is the main problem, and sure we can qestion this, do any have power to dfd fore some of the resons we now see, like blood, bibel say nothing about transfusions, same widh this days we dont suppose to selebrait, bibel say nothing about this either, if we shall be realy hounest bibel say dont condem any fore selebrait surten days.

    So what some are waiting on are just that we go the same way as in the blood issu , it is upp to our consiens, and bettwen us and Jehova.

    If we read 2 Tess 2. 4 we see that ther is a bigg risk to say we have the power from jehova , and putt ourself in some position to judge over life and dead.

    Ofcourse we now bigg religions who have done this,, sending million of millions of young men out in war telling them they was serving the lord when they kill the anymie.

    So I hope the Gb have ther mind clear and see this things, and if we wait things changes .

    Some here forget that the ruels we have now was putt in by peopel who lived in other times , widh other wuies , now i think some younger peopel coming in widh some other oppinon.

    it is not easy to lead 6 million peopel so evryone is sadicfied, some paitence is perhaps what we nead.

    A lot of peopel tell bad expirenses they have from the system but we can not forget that ther are 1 million Jw in the states who are i some way happy widh ther religion, and the growing from 2 million 1980 when RF thing happend , to 6 million now, show that a lot of peopel think JW is a good religion fore them.

    I think this depend on 4 things, first, JW are the only religion who take absens from politik, and are therfore one nation all over the word, this is a very powerfull thing as several religions have ben unsuccessful to do.

    Next thing is the clear understnading on who our good is, and that he have a name, jehova, and his son is jesus, compared to the difficult teaching of the trinity this is also a simpel way to understan , hard thngs.

    Also what will happend when we died, it is like going to sleep, no hell and forever pain, is something how many peopel like i think.'And ofcourse, the goal to live fore ver on eart, how diffrent from other religions as think they come to heaven and live ther , and other shall be badley trated fore ever in hell.

    So in some way JW religion have many things how sound wery logikal to a lot of peopel, the increasing numbers is a proff on this, but I must admit it was a bigg surprise fore me to find 3% in US, not what a lot of peopel here have think .

  • hillary_step

    AlanF siad:

    Greg is going through exactly the same wringer that so many of us went through: a gradual realization that WTS leaders were not teaching truth, that they refused to discuss anything with anyone (you just had to accept the content of the written publications), that they were in fact afraid to discuss problems with a knowledgeable critic, and that they will strike out violently against anyone they can who dares to question their self-proclaimed authority. I feel sorry for Greg. At heart he's a very good man who has been deceived, and now wants to set things right amidst opposition from his deceivers.

    I could not agree more with this viewpoint. The inevitable result of a person who makes a scholarly and open-minded investigation of WTS doctrine and methodology is that they eventually find themselves in mortal combat with the WTS. The WTS claim to be the only real upholders of 'truth' on this planet is confounded by the medieval reactions that issue from them when someone dares question their teachings from within. The reaction is typical of the religionists that held sway in the dark ages, threaten, punish, ostracize, in fact anything but grow and learn.

    Religion has been in continual opposition to truth, not exponents of it.

    Good luck Greg, I suspect that you are going to need it - HS

  • Roddy

    I feel deeply for Mr Stafford. I feel I'm walking in his path although he is miles ahead of me. As I study independently from, and objectively of, the WT, it is not a coincidence that fewer and fewer intellectuals remain in the JW camp. It is as if the more they know, the worse it becomes. They are either compelled to leave or forced to. With Mr Stafford's situation, I am convinced more than ever before that the JWs have no intelligentsia at all!!!

    The brain drain among the JWs and in the WTS is not only real but practiced.

    If there are any even pretending scholar status in the WTS, they have to be viewed with intense suspicion internally and they must be overruled by the whim of the GB and other political powers that be.

  • Dino

    Greg if you're reading this,

    Does this mean no H.G. for 2003? You will know what Im referring to.

    Best regards to you.


    PS Hal knows you're right!

  • Dino

    Doh! I skimmed Greg's Channel C post so fast when I first read it that I missed the part where your invitation was not extended this year. Im sure your ears will be burning!

    If it makes you feel any better, my invite was revoked in 1999!

    Oh well...

  • minimus

    If Greg frequented these sites more often, we could treat him like some have treated his worthy predecessors.

  • waiting

    Hey minimus,

    Ya got a good point. What would his reception be like, particularily if he's not shed some of his jw trappings yet?

    God only knows.


    In the meantime I will continue speaking out against that which tarnishes God's name and Word and let matters run their course. gs

    Sounds like a death walk to the KH's Backroom to me.

    If Jehovah establishes some other group that can carry on the work of proclaiming his name and kingdom apart from false teachings and destructive policies, then I will look for it. - gs

    Sounds like he might answer "Do you believe that Jehovah's Witnesses are God's true and only organization?" with a "No."

    Otherwise I, like so many others of the past and present, will remain content with the truths of God's Word as he has preserved them, sharing them with whoever wants to hear them. - gs

    I've heard other former Jehovah's Witnesses speak the same way.

    Best regards to all former JW's. We were/are where you are.


  • COMF

    If Greg frequented these sites more often, we could treat him like some have treated his worthy predecessors.

    What would his reception be like, particularily if he's not shed some of his jw trappings yet?

    Well, for some of us, a less-than-excited greeting would be a leftover response from back in the day, on H2O, when Greg shot himself in the foot by pretending to be somebody else and talking in glowing terms about how impressive Greg's reasoning skills were. You see, when Greg typed in a fake username, he didn't know that the poster's real username was included in the header of the post.

    Aw, well, it's been about three years since that very public crash-and-burn. I suppose it's time to forgive the guy and give him another chance.

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  • waiting

    God only knows.

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    "I suppose it's time to forgive the guy and give him another chance."

    If you really meant that then you wouldn't have brought it up at all would you. Why so devious?

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