SYN Goes To A Midnight Mass

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  • SYN

    Donkey: The badger was not wooden. Please note that there is a distinct difference between badger and budgie, and I may have inadvertantly gotten the two confused. For instance, a badger is generally larger than a budgie, unless we're talking about those really rare "Armageddon Budgies", which are very large, about the size of the vulture. And their population is increasing.



    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are soo hilarious. I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year

  • Xander

    (no joke, even candles on the cake!!).

    -=HOLY SHIT=-

    HOW did you get 2,003 CANDLES on a CAKE!?!?!

  • Stephanus

    They did the birthday cake schtick at our church on Christmas morning, too. At least they didn't sing "Happy Birthday", like a lot of Pentecostal churches do!

  • SYN

    And we thought the Dubs were whacky!

    Thanks SLOAN, I do what I can! These are my actual real-life experiences! From this we can conclude that my life is somewhat whacky to start with!

  • Satanus

    Intersting. I too went to church for christmas. At 12:30 in the afternoon. I went purely for the music.

    This was the sequence of my churching. At 11am i have breakfast w an xjw family. 12 noon sees myself accompanied by one of the family members heading towards the biggest catholic church in montreal, notre dame cathedral. On the way, he smokes a large cigar. After finding parking, i light up a dube, partaking of the whole thing. 12:20, we enter church. We admire the beautiful paintings, carvings, the high cieling etc. Spirituality starts to set in. 12:30, the music starts. I face backwards for a few minutes, so i can see the choir, while all the catholics dutifully face forward. We enjoy about 20 minutes of music, then pomposity in the form of a priest enters from stage right. He opens his mouth and starts speaking. He shatters spirituality. I ask my friend if we could take our leave. After a few more minutes, we exit quietly, stage left. We find a cool bar, partaking of wholesome beer, finished by strong coffees.

    Later, i realise that we each had a full dose of the 4 drugs: religion, nicotine/mj, alchohol, caffien. Not bad at all, in the proper balance.


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  • SYN

    SaintSatan, you're so SPIRITUALLY MATURE! Surely you get advances from willing Sisters all the time?

  • Satanus

    I'm sort of hermit. I'm a leading (and only) member of the 'order of the turtle hermits'. No sisters allowed (unless they are super spiritual and have shapely boobies).


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