Car Shopping, 12/31/02: Good Guys Win

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  • CoonDawg


    Now all you need to do is slap a set of Khumo's on it and take it to the track AUTOCROSSING! If you want to really see what your car can do, that's the best way. I'm sure SCCA has a Dallas/Ft. Worth area chapter.

    You should consider it.

    Glad you got a good deal!


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong


    You have a beautiful car. I wish you well with it.

  • Eric


    I've got to agree with you about the appeal of the Miata. They remind me a great deal of the Lotus Elan. (I'm thinking Emma Peel, TV show: The Avengers and her powder blue '67 Elan S3.)

    Drove a buddy's '95 Miata a couple of years ago. Those cool little drilled alloy pedals down by your feet are absolutely perfectly arranged for some deft heel 'n toe braking/downshifting! If that would be a skill new to you, I second coondawg's recommendation to check out the SCCA for an advanced driving school. You'll have a ball, these great little roadsters respond to a driver who's really ontop of things, and come to think of it, fancy, controlled footwork while your hands are working in concert ought to come easy-peasy to a drummer like yourself.

    And you did the right thing going for the extra add on bits. Though it might be the last thing on your mind right now, when you do go to sell the car, especially if you sell it privately, those are the bits that the secondary buyers will love to see on your car. They'll actually be worth more in a few years than they are now.

    Well done!


  • COMF

    Thankya, folks, thankya thankya. And, Unk & company... in some parts of the south here it's "bayusterd" whereas in other areas it's "bowstid".

  • breeze


    It has a lot in common with yours although it will seat a little more butts...??

    I just bought a new MAZDA truck just like this one...pretty huh???

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