Where were my true friends?

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    how the hell did i miss this, anyway its true what your saying, knowing you for well lets just say your whole life, i think i can count you as a true friend, and i know that your one of mine. shoot when i was having my battle with the circuit and district overseers not to mention the elders, and going through the divorce, at the same time, you were there, where was eveyone else " oh sorry i cant talk to you" "when you get reinstated well all be right here for you" but not you,

    your " my friend sticking closer than a brother"

    any way enough sappy crap i can still kick yer ass

    talk to ya tomorrow

  • joannadandy

    You know it's amazing how many best friends dropped me after I left.

    But the more time I am away from them the more I realize what true friendship is like.

    Hann-YOU ROCK! I'd count you as a friend any day!

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