17 reasons why US should not invade Iraq

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  • peacefulpete

    A look at history does inspire optimism in me. We have really progressed as a species. In just the past 100 years great strides have been made in recognizing human rights and improved means of conflict resolution. No longer is slavery or subjegation of the weak by the strong deemed legitamate by the internatinal community. Even that expression we hear so often now "international community," reveals a marked change in the way we humans deal with each other. Why has this happened is no doubt complicated, but improved communication has enabled more minds to be involved in the decisions, minds less emotionally entangled. Economic interdependancy has given every nation vested interest in their neighbor. And improved education about the realities of science and other cultures have taken the wind out of divisive religious zealotry in most parts of the world. Unfortunately while this trend is irrepressable we may experience periodic relapses due to our collective complacency and lack of vigilence. A few misguided political leaders have the power to undue years of hard won forward movement tward world oneness. A populace scared by tragic events may reliquish the rights and the voice that thousands had died to give them. This is what peace organizations and human rights watchdogs are concerned is happening now. So what should the world do? When anchronistic despots like Sadam or others like him become an international issue they must be dealt with in ways consistant with the ideals we claim to hold sacred. Law, order,compassion, dignity,tolerence, justice. Containment when necessary but efforts to integrate them into the community when possible through financial interdependancy and education. Simple? No, but it is vital we stay the course.

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