Some Light Chopin

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  • Shakita


    That was so Great! You said... "I love to show off!" Well, I love hearing you "show off." Keep them coming!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • Farkel


    : is this particular rendition of Chopin as one would hear if it was played on a piano that had been what we call overstrung?

    It has a Chorus controller that simulates an echo like one would hear in a concert hall. That's the only effect I used, since my sound card does not record in stereo.


  • sunshineToo


    Thank you so much for sharing your love for music.

    This "Minute Waltz" was inspired by George Sand's dog. As you mentioned she loved Chopin, and Chopin loved her, too. But when they met and lived together, Chopin was still coping with his previous broken heart. With failing health and complicated relationship with Sand's two children, when he realized how much he was in love with Sand, it was too late. He asked for Sand at his death bed. That really broke my heart.

    I love Chopin. He is my favorite piano composer. I love his preludes, esp. the one in F# Major. I think those are neglected jewels among many musicians. I also adore his ballades and sonatas, esp. Sonata in Bb minor.

    Farkel, you've inspired me to practice. Where do you live? In July there is a big Music Teachers' convention in California. This year we'll have it in Santa Clara. If you can, please stop by. You'll enjoy the concerts of those talented students and artists.


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  • bsmart


    Does anyone have his music on their computer? Nothing available on Google as far as I can tell. I'd love to hear his work again I saved it on my old computer and it is no more.

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