How was your new years day spent??

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  • kelpie

    Happy New Year All....

    I hope your new year had a better start then mine did.

    My partner and I stayed up to 2am new years day to welcome in the new year in a way neither of us could before.

    We were really looking forward to our sleep in when we were rudely awoken by my visiting father at 6am to say that we better get downstairs quick smart!!

    we walk down the stairs to see nearly a foot of water through the bottom of our house!!!!!!!!!!

    Our hot water system decided to pack it in and break its seals thus water through the house. We rent the house so we immediately rang the landlord to tell him. He didnt like being woken up early on a public holiday either...

    The carpet needs replacing and so does the hot water system. (cold showers for a day or 2).

    We spent most of the day (remember I am day ahead of most of you) mopping up floors and trying to dry carpet..

    Good start..

    Lets hope it isnt an omen for the rest of the year.

    I can laugh about it now but yesterday morning it wasnt so funny!!

    How was your new years day spent???


  • blondie

    Resting, coordinating my paperwork for doing 2002 taxes, eating a nice dinner my husband made, and checking the posts here, kelpie.


  • shera

    Being lazy and tired..yawwwnnnn

  • WildHorses

    Oh my. Sorry about the water heater.

    I spent more of my morning in bed. I didn't get up until 11am. After that, I made dinner and now am watching movies and checking out the forum.

    One of the movies I watched was, Windtalkers. I never knew about the Navajo indians and their involvement with wwll until this movie. It's a must see.

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  • ugg


  • DanTheMan

    Nursing a cold and watching football games I don't care much about.

    I made beef stew with the crock pot I got for Christmas. Yum

  • imanaliento

    thats what you call a rude awakening. sorry to hear that.

    I just spent the day straightening up the luggage, snow boots, and snow pants from our recent trip to northern minnesota, my husband and went for a walk in the afternoon, we live on a golf course and part of it has an open soy bean and corn field next to it. there was garbage blown all over from mondays windy garbage day of everyones christmas paper and other stuff. there just happened to be bags caught on the stubble so we cleaned up the field. On our way back we noticed another guy out there doing the same thing. I asked him what brought him out to do that. he said it was us. he had wanted to do it for some time, and just needed a motivation. It made our day to see someone else helping keep the neighborhood clean and it made his day to see someone else care.

    edited to mention that we also picked up 29 golf balls to add to our collection, now totaling 1,130 for the two years we've lived out here.

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  • Solace

    Yikes, I hope things get better for you.

    We also had some bad weather last night and stayed in. I couldnt imagine driving in it sober, let alone drinking. I guess Im not one for those reeeally late night parties anymore. Im also a bit under the weather so I fell assleap only to have the kids wake me up in time for Dick Clark to drop the ball. Today has been nice and quiet, Im a bit out of it since I took some sinus meds only to notice they were "Nighttime" after I swallowed them.

    I hope this year is a good one for everyone.

    Take Care.

  • kelpie

    (((dan))) sorry to hear you have a cold. I hope you are feeling better soon

    I am glad to hear everyone enjoyed their new years day....

    I wish I could see snow at chrissy time.. that would be wonderful and romantic


  • Athanasius

    Spent most of New Year's day adding the finishing touches to the short story that I am writing. Just finished a few minutes ago.

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