im giving up ciggies today help

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  • 4christ

    Hi Danny, you can do it! I quit last May 17, so thats over 7 months now. I smoked for over 15 years. I feel soooooo much better now, I had bad chest pains and they are gone! You will feel so much better, once you get past the first few weeks. Dont expect the cravings to go away for awhile, they get less intense and further apart as time passes. I still want one once in a while, but its not worth it anymore, I would rather live longer. It helped me to drink alot of water. Good luck to you, it is worth it to quit!

    peace! -Lauren

  • SheilaM
  • OrbitingTheSun

    Great idea! I have never smoked, so I don't know of anything that works...but I wish you all the strength and determination to overcome your problem

  • hamptonite21

    good luck with quiting, I personally have never smoked. I lost my Mother to lung cancer about 2yrs ago. And even thou she had quit smoking about 7yrs before her death, the long lasting effects of this habit cost her life. My life has never been the same without her. I wish you good health for your self. Please quit, because someone who loves you will never be the same without you!

  • Debz

    Hi Danny

    I gave up smoking about June 2002...its been very hard for me as I had a very difficult year...(too much to go into in this post!!) I must say I have had a `few` at various times - AND didn`t really enjoy I`m now finding that I play one day at a time even now....and build my resolve day by day!....Good Luck to you! Debz

  • Prisca

    ((((hamptonite21)))) - my mum died of lung cancer too, from damaged lungs caused by passive smoker (her father was a heavy smoker). One legacy of seeing her slowly die from cancer was the vow to never ever smoke.

    dannywalsh - although I am not a smoker, I wish you every success in quitting the habit.

    Please quit, because someone who loves you will never be the same without you!

    I second that. I had to grow up without a mother thanks to her father's smoking.

  • hamptonite21

    You also might want to try the patch.

  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I had to go to a doctor and he gave me an antidepressant. Wellbutrin.He had me take it for 3 months. It helped with handling the cravings. I have gained a lot of weigh though. I guess I traded one addiction for another

    I quit smoking 5 years ago...and the craving is as strong today as it was then....sorry!.But I know if I smoke even one cigarette I will start all over an alcoholic! I was also an outdoor smoker...never smoked inside. Pretty pathetic looking in bad weather.. And never smoked around others!...I guess I was a "Closet smoker"... Still managed to smoke a pack a day.

    BUT...I feel better and am healthier...breathe and smell better too!

    One day at a time......Snoozy....

  • Shakita


    I never smoked, unless you count the time when I was 12 and threw up after a few puffs!), so I can't give you any advice on quitting. Some say chewing gum or sucking on lollipops helps.

    I just wish that my parents had quit when they were young. They would still be around today if they did.

    Mrs. Shakita

  • nakedmvistar

    Wish I had some words of wisdom for you! I stopped smoking about ten years ago (about a pack a day for about five years). I just decided to stop and I've had no cravings ever since. Good luck!

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