Making wise use of magazines letter

by Saltheart Foamfollower 27 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • smiddy

    I find it interesting that they have a page to be read out to the congregation ,and another page or two that is to be kept from the congregations eyes .

    And this procedure is a common occurrence with communications from the Governing Body / WTB&TS.


  • steve2
    But as the just-finished Australian Royal Commission into the JW organization's policies and procedures on child sexual abuse showed, those letters for elders eyes only end up as evidence.- that must make the GB and their helpers livid about their vulnerability to whistle blowers.
  • antes8080
    They kill so many trees. The lit carts waste so many mags each month.
  • tiki
    Smiddy...that ploy helps keep the elders feeling superior and especially blessed and useful...and above and beyond the lowly flock.
  • blondie

    No subscriptions for at least 15 years, since I have been out anyway 13 years

    So jws are still stashing their closets and garages with the magazines they never "place"?! First every jw or person who goes to WT study should have a copy of those need to overproduce those right.

    The placement WT and Awake are only 16 pages each so why not combine them and call it the Awake. No stigma with calling it the WT. Only 1/2 the magazines in the closet.

  • baker
    they have a stack of older mags for distribution, which I pick up one or two and during the meeting in the first few pages, i find a small blank area and print...TTATT...just google it. in small letters, hoping some one will accidentally run across this note and check it out. then later when no one is watching place it back in the stack. but now my secret is out. gonna have to type it on sticky notes and put it in the middle very small area,
  • pepperheart
    oh dear more cut backs
  • pepperheart
    im up to 860 now

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