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  • JWdaughter
    No more subscriptions unless you have a JW who is sending them to you independently. I couldn't even get JWs to deliver to a hospital, so there is that. (years ago, after free literature came into being)
  • hoser
    Village Idiotan hour ago
    Can people still get the Watchtower and Awake magazine through standard mail subscriptions?

    no, they downloaded those costs on to the publishers years ago.
  • steve2

    When there is a constant oversupply what does it tell you? Placements are going down, down, down.

    Welcome, JW organization to the reality of print media - it's on the way out.

  • username

    More Translations.

    Remember who controls you!

    I can see where this is going I think. Eventually everything will go digital, so when the time comes to make everything only available online The Watchtower can blame the rank and file for "forcing their hand" in this.

    We told you several times to conserve, you didn't listen therefore we have had no choice but to stop all printing of valuable spiritual food!

  • maksutov
    When I was "magazine servant" (yuk), if we didn't have enough mags, I would get truckloads of abuse. One particular pioneer really laced into me once - he used to take more than 50 of each (Watchtower and Awake) every issue, and if he didn't get all of them, there would be hell to pay. I soon learned to make sure we ordered too many. When I was "literature servant" it was even worse - for some reason they never sent all the stuff we ordered, and what they did send always took several months to arrive. The brothers were constantly complaining and blaming me. I resigned as literature servant as I couldn't take the abuse any more.
  • tiki
    Valuable...laughable.....they ought to just take the glut of unplaced rehashed and dump them in the nearest recycle bin. Then at least they can ultimately serve a useful purpose.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And the surprising thing is that these stacks of ragazines aren't getting placed... AND THEY'RE GIVING THEM AWAY!

    Back in the olden days, the householder had to decide whether the magazines were worth a nickel, dime, or quarter. Now the publishers offer them without cost and the householder just has to decided whether they want to reach for the magazine. Clearly, they're deciding not to.

    Like I've said before, if the JWs want to get those magazines, tracts, brochures, and books off their shelves and into the hands of householders, they need to change their presentation:

    Publisher: Good morning. Could you do me a favor and throw this in the recycling or trash for me? [Hold out publication and allow for response]

    Householder: Um, okay. [Takes publication and heads toward trashcan]

    Publisher: Thanks so much. Have a nice day!

    Householder: Okay, bye.

  • pepperheart
    If they got rid of all the old teaching books they wouldnt have anything to fill the trolleys up with,one whole trolley was full of books printed in 2006 and one book was printed in 1998
  • pepperheart
    yes problemaddict thrift is good but the main reason why they are trying to cut back is the same reason that they got rid of district overseers some years back, shortage of money
  • talesin

    Hmmm, I wonder how much free litera-trash i can get from the cart down the street? I shall stop the next time I go by, and see what they will give away!

    After all, I may need quite a bit to share with my flatmates. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?*

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