What is an apostate, according to Geoffrey Jackson (GB member)

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  • steve2
    HIs fallback line about a topic not being his field belies his claim to be one of the Guardians of Doctrine - unless of course there is a raft of JW policies that are not formally view as "Doctrine".
  • BluesBrother
    "That is not my Field" !

    Hey, G J ...You are on the (expletive!) Governing Body for goodness sake....one of the top seven people on the WT world. We expect you to give a straight answer to a simple question such is put to a 14 year old contemplating baptism.....

  • nicolaou
    “Persons who deliberately spread (stubbornly hold to and speak about) teachings contrary to Bible truth as taught by Jehovah's Witnesses are apostates.” Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock

    That definition doesn't specify that the "persons" were once active Jehovah's Witnesses. By that definition everyone who is not a JW is an apostate!

  • Skidmarks

    On page 49 of the transcript they go into his "it is not my field response":

    Q. Mr Jackson, you say it's not your field, but you are

    a member of the Governing Body which is responsible, as you

    have said, for the whole field, and you have been a member

    for 10 years, and all the committees are responsible to and

    accountable to the Governing Body.

    A. That is correct.

    Q. So it is your field, isn't it?

    A. Only as far as approving the basic scriptural

    principles. So is there a scriptural principle that you

    have in mind you want to ask me about, or are you talking

    about policies and implementation of policies? There is

    a difference there.

    Q. Yes. And the policies are all subject to the

    scriptural principles, aren't they?

    A. Yes, and if you have a question on the scriptural

    principle, I'm very happy to try and explain it.

    Q. And, for that reason, the policies have to be approved

    by the Governing Body to ensure that they are in keeping

    with scriptural principles?

    A. That's correct. But the fact that the policies at

    times need to be changed shows that there is leeway there.

    Q. And if it is not the case, as you seem to suggest

    might be a possibility, although you say you don't know,

    that someone who has not actively disassociated but merely

    sought to fade or become inactive is not governed by the

    rules, then where is the line drawn between those who are

    subject to the rules and those who aren't?

    A. That's a good question, and that's where judgment

    comes in. By "judgment", I mean using a person's nous as

    to whether someone is still perceived as one of Jehovah's

    Witnesses in the community.

    Q. Isn't that the point, that if someone is perceived as

    one of Jehovah's Witnesses in the community, that's because

    they have not disassociated or been disfellowshipped?

    A. Well, it has to do with what the person is telling

    other persons.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    So technically anyone that walks away from the organization is an Apostate.
  • opusdei1972
    2 hours ago

    Aloha Opusdei. Any chance you can email your comment to Mr. Angus Stewart? Please. It's an outright lie/deception.

    Would you trust this guy Jackson with your eternal welfare?

    I will try to send an email to him.

  • sir82

    "That is not my understanding"?

    Dude, whose "understanding" is it then? You're the top dog, the head honcho, or at least 1/7th of it.





  • JWdaughter
    Angus was thinking. . . "Who the hell is running that circus?"

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