need help bad, 70's song, auld lang syne

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    Maybe you can help find a song for me? I only heard it one time but it stuck in my head, I cried. I was about 8 years ago, Its a country song. I've tried to search for it but no luck. It was called Christmas Carol or something to that affect. I'm going from a weak memory here but this is what I remember........

    My name is Christmas Carol I was born on Christmas day, I don't know where my mommy is and my daddy's gone away.

    Anyway its about a little girl who wants to be adopted for Christmas, a reporter doing a story on her or something and he ends up adopting her for Christmas. I sat in my car and bawled my eyes out.

    See what you can find.......Please, Please, Please.

    Happy New Year everyone!

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    Gopher came thru for me, I hope this works but I didn't want the whole page. Gopher ran out of posts so he emailed it to be.

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