need help bad, 70's song, auld lang syne

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  • LyinEyes

    I need real help here, tonite at the club at 12 midnight, they played the traditional Auld Lang Syne song, the melody,,,,,,,,,then they later played another song, at the end it says the words to auld lang syne...........who sang this song.............

    please help me find out who sang it....

    here are a few lyrics I can remember............. it is a late 70's early 80 songs

    I ran into an old friend at the liquor store,,,,,,,,, she spilled her purse and we laughed until we cried,

    I told her that the years had been a friend to her,,,,,,,,,, that her eyes were still as blue,,,,,,,,, I don't know if I saw doubt or gratitude.

    We got a six pack and we drank it in her car,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we drank a toast to innocent , we drank a toast to time, .............

    she said she married her an architech , kept her safe and warm and dry,,,,,,, she couldnt say that she loved the man, cause she didnt want to lie.........

    for a moment I was back in school,,,,,,,,,,,,,, felt that old familiar pain,,,,,,,,,

    sorry but that are all the lyrics I can think of and I cant find it on my search, Hubby says paul simon sang it, I say maybe garfunkel and simon, but more like dan seals or crosby steels and nash or some one hit me ,,,,,,,,,or i will go

    Oh,,,,,,,,,,,,got to tell ya this,,,,,,,,,after that song, they played elton john's , Tiny dancer,,,,,,,,,,it was so damn cool.................we went to a restaurant and ate breakfast and I blew the horn they gave me real loud in the middle of the restaurant and embarrassed happy new year

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  • ozziepost

    I think you mean "Auld Lang Syne"

  • wednesday

    I think that was the guy who did "cats in the cradle" can't spell his name but sounds like cat Stevens.

  • Gopher

    It was DAN FOGELBERG !! I'm 100% sure, as I was a big fan of his back in the day.

  • Gopher


    Dan Fogelberg

    Met my old lover in a grocery store
    The snow was falling Christmas Eve
    Stole behind her in the frozen foods
    and I touched her on the sleeve
    She didn't recognize the face at first
    but then her eyes flew open wide
    Tried to hug me and she spilled her purse
    and we laughed until we cried

    Took her groceries to the checkout stand
    The food was totaled up and bagged
    stood there lost in our embarrassment
    as the conversation dragged
    Went to have ourselves a drink or two
    but couldn't find an open bar
    Bought a six-pack at the liquor store
    and we drank it in the car

    We drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now
    Tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how

    She said she'd married her an architect
    Kept her warm and safe and dry
    She said she'd like to say she loved the man
    but she didn't want to lie
    I said the years had been a friend to her
    and that her eyes were still as blue
    But in those eyes I wasn't sure if I saw doubt or gratitude
    She said she saw me in the record store
    and that I must be doing well
    I said the audience was heavenly
    but the traveling was hell

    We drank a toast to innocence we drank a toast to time
    Reliving in our eloquence, another 'auld lang syne'

    The beers were empty and our tongues grew tired
    and running out of things to say
    She gave a kiss to me as I got out
    and I watched her drive away
    Just for a moment I was back in school
    And felt that old familiar pain
    And as I turned to make my way back home
    the snow turned into rain

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  • moreisbetter
  • LyinEyes

    yeah Gopher you are 100% right, it is Dan Folgerburg, I got the Dan right ,but wrong Dan. This was one of my favorite songs growing up....... I used to visualize this song all the time..... love it, still do.

    Can you imagine the fast music going until a few minutes before mid night, and then they play the traditonal Auld Lang Syne,,,,,,,,,,, and a right after it they play Dan Folgerburgs is called Another Auld Lang Syne.......... I searched Kaza all over the place then it hit me,,,,,,, it was called not Auld Lang Syne,,,,,,,,,,but Another Auld Lang Syne......... made all the differnce, found it right away. You should have seen all the couples lost in each other when that song played.

    Then when they played Eltons, Tiny Dancer,,,,,,,,,,, we all felt our youth again,,,,,,,, it was perfect.

    It made my welcoming the new year so special.............hope everyone had a happy new year.

    Thankssssssssss so much for posting the lyrics Gopher.......I am waitng for the lyrics to down load..

    Thanks again so much,,,,,,,,,, great memories.

  • xenawarrior

    Gopher!!!! Hat's off to you bud!!!

    Faster, keener memory, crappy football team- it's all good

    Hugs at ya music man!!


  • Gopher

    Happy new year, Dede and Wild Turkey too!

    GREAT MEMORIES? You bet!

    Here's one more Fogelberg tune... get out your kleenex (another beautiful song)

    Dan Fogelberg
    Born in the valley 
    And raised in the trees 
    Of Western Kentucky 
    On wobbly knees 
    With mama beside you 
    To help you along, 
    You'll soon be a'growin' up strong 
     Oh, the long lazy mornings 
    In pastures of green, 
    The sun on your withers, 
    The wind in your mane 
    Could never prepare you 
    For what lies ahead; 
    The run for the roses so red 
    And it's run for the roses 
    As fast as you can 
    Your fate is delivered, 
    Your moment's at hand 
    It's the chance of a lifetime 
    In a lifetime of chance 
    And it's high time you joined in the dance 
    It's high time you joined in the dance 
    From sire to sire, It's born in the blood 
    The fire of a mare and 
    The strength of a stud 
    It's breeding, and it's training, And it's something unknown 
    That drives you and carries you home 
    And it's run for the roses 
    As fast as you can 
    Your fate is delivered 
    Your moment's at hand 
    It's the chance of a lifetime 
    In a lifetime of chance 
    And it's high time you joined in the dance 
    It's high time you joined in the dance

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  • LyinEyes

    OMG Gopher , someone here was just talking about that song,,,,, it will come to me in a minute who brought that song up.........but that one was dear to me because of my love of horses........

    ahhhhhhhhhh the memories...........I didnt know that Dan Fogelburg sand that too,,,,,,,, I should look for more of his stuff, I bet I know more than I think . Did he also sing with someone eles back then?

    I like Dan Steals too,,,,,,,,,,, another song that reminds me of my rodeo horse loving days,,,,,,,,,"Everything that glitters is not Gold..", god the video to that song was great too.

    "But oh, sometimes I think about you, and the way you used to sparkle , in your rhinestones and your sequins, with the sun light in your hair,,,,,,,,and oh the crowd will always love you, but for me , i've come to know,,,,,,,,,, everything that glitters is not gold.."

    Oh red, he's getting older , and last saturday he stumbled, but you know I just cant bare to let him go.

    Little Casey shes still growing and she's started asking questions, and there's certain things a man just doesnt know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, her birthday came and you never even called,,,,,,,, guess we never cross you mind at all.........

    But someday , I know you're gonna know the cost , for every thing you win ,,,,,,,,,there's something lost......

    Omg,,,,,,,,,,, I am so into rememember my past tonite......... reflecting on what a great year it has been for me, recovering from leaving the JW..

    You know what,,,,,,,, the few good memories about myself,,,,,,,,,, when I was a teen , things I forgot I loved so much, the way I was,,,,,,,,, are starting to come back to me now.............its a good feeling.

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