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  • Satanus


    True enough.


    The green wt god is worse than the regular black ones.


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Dear Satan, (I love how that sounds)

    I enjoy many of your posts because, of how you make me think.

    You asked me, Since the bible has enabled you to feel closer to god, do you think that you will always need it as a guide or crutch?

    As if reading and re-reading a piece of literature that inspires you is a bad thing or makes one weak.

    If it were not The Bible but rather The Republic, by Plato. (The inspiration of my nick) I chose to read and re-read you might not think of it as my crutch.

    You may then find me an intellectual and someone whos thoughts worthy of attention. No longer would I be viewed as weak-minded.

    this seems true of intellectualist elitist societies.

    If a person chooses The Bible as their source of inspiration it is a crutch.

    If they delve into some Ancient Mystic Religion which most of those had tangible writings for 1 st .

    Then you have become truly spiritual.

    I find that contradictory.

    The 1 st truly spiritual people were those who Worshiped our Creator and are written about in The Bible. This is shown by the very fact that they didnt need anything tangible to notice The Creator or become close to Him. Abraham was considered Gods friend.

    If most people didnt cling to the tangible such as many Mystics do i.e. talismans, spells, rituals, idols and the like. Christians wouldnt even need The Bible.

    But, unfortunately many Christians the same as many Mystics need something physical. Thus The Bible was provided.

    When responding to your post I wrote The Bible is a good TOOL that I would not want to be without. I did not say I NEEDED it. There is a difference between a tool and a need.

    I grew up in an Atheist home that banned the bible.

    I got close to Our Creator without one. The law of my conscience was my 1 st teacher.

    Watching others around me my 2 nd .

    Creation my 3 rd . After I learned to pray that was my major tool in approaching and learning about God.

    Not all Christians are weak minded or uneducated cowards clinging to every passage in a lifeless book.

    What is written in The Bible helps saves lives but is not the life giver.

    I use The Bible as a tool to teach others and as a reminder to me of those before me.

    Although, long dead and gone, Abraham is my friend and Sarah, Ruth, Sampson, etc.

    They are my companions as I go through life. They were imperfect as I am now. They are good teachers for my children who are young and need role models.

    God is my comforter and my provider. There have been times in my life where I was too sad to read. To upset to sit down, and find the perfect passage in a lifeless book. At those times I can pray and connect with my Creator and my Redeemer.

    How often when your truly happy does one have a Bible in hand?

    Sometimes I am out with my children playing at the park and am filled with happiness. I dont run to a book to find the perfect passage to describe my emotions. I pray and thank my Creator for such a wonderful gift.

    I think when your in the presence of a True Mystic you will know it after they leave you.

    Jesus did not need anything tangible and He never bragged. When He healed a person He asked them to tell no one. He was known because those who heard Him could not keep quite about Him. Not because he blew His own horn.

    He was Truly Spiritual and I know of Him because of The Bible.

    How many mystics have you met who are like that?

    How many do not tell you who they are but instead let you find out?

    I havent met one yet? Have You?

    If for some reason I never held a Bible in my hands for the rest of my life I could still be close to my Creator.

    Ive done it before and I can do it again.

    Still for now since it is provided for me I will use The Bible to teach my children. I will use The Bible to remind me of those who came before me. I will use The Bible as my inspiration as I would any good literature that touched my heart and mind.

    Thank - you St. Satan (have I told you I love your nick) for causing me to think and re-think my position about This Inspiring (and Inspired) Book.



    Para ti.....

  • Satanus


    Well, as they say

    I like to challenge people to go further. It seems you have already gone far.


  • Francois

    UR, think about this in relation to your statement, "How many mystics have you met who are like that?How many do not tell you who they are but instead let you find out? I havent met one yet? Have You?"

    As a matterof fact, I have met someone like that. And think about your statement further. If these type people exist, and they do, you wouldn't hear of them by your own definition, would you? They would maintain their anonymity in and of themselves just as did The Master. So your observation is somewhat circular.

    Of course, it's very easy to recognize the charlatan, like Benny Hinn, charlatan supreme.

    Think about it.


  • Navigator


    Good to see you posting again! I've used that term "bibliolotry" for about 20 years to describe the worship so many fundamentalists accord to the bible. It is very appropriate. I've known several that practice specialized bibliolotry such as "King James Bibliolotry". This segment of the population tends to be somewhat more rabid than those who practice ordinary bibliolotry. They tend to get personally offended when you suggest that there might be a few pimples on face of their idol.

  • Satanus


    Hee hee. Agreed on the king jamesers. So, you've been off the bible bus for some time. I changed the word slightly, to bibolatry, because bibliolatry can be applied to books in general also.

    I made an effort to stay off the board. I failed, but will try again. Since my starting to post here, my anger level has gone down a lot. But, i don't think i should be here until i'm as old as larc. LOL


    I too know a 'master' who keeps his status mostly secret. It took over 15 yrs before i found out. He's not a hermit, either. He owns two restaurents. When i feel the need for directions on the way, i visit him.


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  • Utopian_Raindrops


    Sorry it took so long to post again. I was a wee bit under the weather.

    Still Thank-you St. Satan and Francois for giving my mind a jog!

    Both of you are thought provoking posters.

    I think its awesome you both have met masters. I never thought of one as a materialistic person. I thought of them more like The Apostle Paul or like the guy on the Old Kung Fu series.

    So maybe I have missed one right in front of my face!

    Made me think.

    I had a dentist with touches in certain areas could diagnose illnessyes a dentistodd isnt it? I was 16 and possibly blind spiritually. Hmmm

    Maybe you 2 could tell me what tipped you off to these mystics. What was it about them that reveled who they were to you?

    Flowers to 2 of my favorite Gurus .



  • Satanus
  • Satanus

    It's good that you are feeling better.

    what tipped you off to these mystics.

    Probably, i couldn't recognise them until i was on the way myself. Some people say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.


  • Utopian_Raindrops

    **Sits in Yogi Indian style and says to Satan **,Ahhhh, very good master.

    I am incredibly immature, as I love replying to your posts sometimes-just cause of your nick. Para ti Satan my sweet.

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