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  • Satanus

    The definition for idolatry is:

    1:Worship of idols.

    2:Blind or excessive devotion to something.

    1: religious zeal; willingness to serve God [syn: devotion, veneration]

    2:the worship of idols; the worship of images that are not God

    I see blind excessive devotion to the bible in a few of my aquaintances. Though being nice people, they would slit someones throat if the bible commanded it. For them the bible is an idol, an obstacle between them and 'god'.


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  • SPAZnik

    Excellent observation, imo. Too true.


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  • Introspection

    I was thinking today they should just have a very general religion called Beliefism.

  • SPAZnik

    I BELIEVE that iz a berry good idea Intro!

  • gumby


    I never saw it that way but it's true. Many definitions we use are shaped by existing ideas that have been here awhile. "Pagan" one of them. People see it nowdays as a person not a Christian....someone bad!

  • JamesThomas

    Nothing hath separated us from God but our own will, or rather our own will is our separation from God. --William Law

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    Hey Saint Satan,

    I think your right about this.

    Many people feel they NEED the bible to get close to The Creator.

    Id say its a really good tool though. I wouldnt want to be without it if possible.

    Still, it is not a NEED.

    Lets look at people in The Bible who were close to god and yet had NO written word.

    1 st Adam and Eve who although sinned and were expelled taught their children to serve God without anything written down.

    We know this because Cain and Able were making a sacrifice to Jehovah.

    There is Enoch who was the only one serving God in his time.

    Joseph, who knew better then to sleep with another mans wife.

    Noah, who did just so.

    Truthfully the list is longer these are just the obvious people.

    The Greek scriptures bring out that god judges people by their hearts and conscience.

    Your conscience is something natural that is there from birth.

    Have you ever seen a crawling baby look at you guilty when you catch them taking the pots and pans out of the bottom cupboard? That is conscience.

    Often people think the bible is saying one thing and their conscience says its not right. So what should you do?

    Certainly you shouldnt go against the law of your conscience it will haunt you the rest of your life.

    Later as you grow older you may find the bible passage may have meant something else and be relieved you didnt apply it.

    Can you imagine if Jesus did things the way his Religious leaders saw the scriptures to say?

    None of us would want to follow Him or feel comforted by His teachings.

    I personally am glad for Jesus example of following heart, conscience, and mind as apposed to written word and Religious tradition.

    Thanks for making me think Satan.



    Para ti.....

  • onacruse

    1. Excessive adherence to a literal interpretation of the Bible.
    2. Extreme devotion to or concern with books.

    Either one is deleterious.


  • Satanus

    Thanks for the comments, guys.


    Since the bible has enabled you to feel closer to god, do you think that you will always need it as a guide or crutch? Will the day come soon, when you will be able to walk hand in hand w your god, as the bible says some of those early guys did? As you stated, they didn't have a large book to guide them. If so, then you will have come into the category that is called, historically, mystic.


  • Francois

    And on the part of the JWs, it's an even more egregious sin, since the JWs made up their OWN god and they have sacrificed actual lives to it virtually each and every day since. Down with the green god!

    Yay us - boo them


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