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  • MrMoe

    Not my words, but that of a very cherished person. They were spoken a while back, but are so very fitting. Wish you all a very beautiful New Year, let's hope and pray this one is better than the last.

    without thinking too much about your opinions of me. without thinking too much about the things i've shared and said in the past. without being cautious of looking "weak", or perhaps even losing an aquantance or two... i am going to just say what i feel at this very moment.

    every person here has a heart. big, small, jaded, corrupt, kind, broken, helpful. regardless, we all have one, and we all want it to stay in tact.

    every person here has some feelings. some are more fragile than others, some tougher than most. regardless, we all have them (even when we hide or ignore them), and we all want them to be known, rather than attacked.

    i have seen a lot of beautiful people here turn sick and ugly in a hell of a hurry. myself included. i've also seen a few people stray from their cruel ways and become suprisingly sincere and helpful.
    i've heard such nasty threats and brutal attacks, but the same people can come up with wonderful topics and have some grand ideas and thoughts.

    i really can't deny that at some point in time, each person here has touched me in some way... some directly, some indirectly and never knowing they did.

    just a few things that stick in my head...

    teejay once posted a story that seriously affected me. i read this tonight again, and all the feeling came rushing back too me, the numbness disappered. the story can be read here, and i think this would be the most oppertune time for us ALL to read it
    you may notice at the end of that thread, i made a comment to prisca.
    i can remember when i posted that... it was kind of like another start on getting along with prisca after we had gotten into an argument shortly before that. back then it was easier for me to forgive for some reason.
    plum used to post lots of celebration, welcome and happy threads with tons of cute animations and kind words. i always remembered thinking "how can someone be so happy all the time?!" of course, then i didn't know she wasn't always happy, she had her problems and issues to suffer and deal with just like the rest of us. maybe back then she just didn't let things get to her so much, she could move life.
    i remember the first time i met we were in chat together and some sort of argument was going on. i was quick to judge by just looking at the surface, not reading any deeper and decided i'd never get along with her. well, i must say, now she's one of the few women i respect.
    tina's always been so kind to me. she immediatly became like a second mom to me. my cyber mommy. no matter her mood or what was going on in her life, she was right at my side fighting for me, and knowing i was strong enough to pull thru.
    wendy's a great person too. we've had our issues but she will always have a very special place in my heart. i learned many lessons in the short time i stayed with her family, lessons that changed my life.
    does anyone remember jonboy (jonjonsimons)? he was one of the very few people i actually stayed in close touch with from the forums. we emailed eachother often. a man dying of cancer in his hospital bed telling ME to be strong. holding ME together. i was so fucking selfish. and now he is gone. i owe him so much, he helped me and my dad patch our relationship up. he had such a hard life. and he died a hard death. but the entire fight was positive and passionate.

    people i've gotten to know here. people i've gotten to like. gotten to dislike.
    some i love with all my heart, some i just feel plain sorry for. but i do feel for them all.

    so feelings. this is what feelings are to me.
    one feeling we all know too well is pain. it's inevitable. everyday is a potential tradgedy. every person we attach ourselves to is a potential loss.
    we've all suffered tremendous heartache...shunning, breakups, death, parents divorcing, leaving the only "truth" we've ever known, realizing our faults, cancer, aids, suicide, miscarriages, being smacked across the face, being molested by someone who's supposed to keep us safe, being called a liar... the list truly goes on forever. we've all felt some awful pain. most of us have much more in common than just this general feeling. many of us have felt pain dirived from the same source. this should keep us close.

    it's absolutly necessary for us to have differences, personal opinions, uncomformed ideas that many won't accept, etc. but it's also necessary for us all to accept and tolerate other's to some point.

    i'm speaking for everyone on this forum who's been called a nasty name, called other's nasty names. hurt eachother. beat eachother. defeated eahother. crawled away bleeding from eachother. i don't care who won. who lost. who hit who first. it's time to unite, or walk away from the fight.

  • Gopher

    I for one am optimistic about the future of this forum!

    Let's all make a new year's resolution to contribute thoughtfully and carefully to OUR forum! It's only as good as we make it.

    Happy new year to you Moe and to all readers.

  • onacruse
    It's only as good as we make it.

    Exactly. And this new year will only be as good as we make it.

    May both be not just good, but GREAT!


  • LB

    I promise to only piss off two or three people at a time this year.

  • Introspection

    When you get upset over something someone else said, not only are you not accepting how the other person is at the moment, but you're not accepting your own feelings about what they said, aren't you? That only means you're not accepting a part of yourself, if you're trying to get rid of it.

  • Gizmo

    Thanks Amanda...and thanks Bitter Mango for your heartfelt words and that fantastic Link.

    take Care

    Happy New year

  • Francois

    Introspection, I have a wholly different take on your premise. Assuming I understand what you said, my postion is that if you refuse to respond to an emotional, argumentative post then you are maintaining control over your own viewpoint and outlook.

    If I can manipulate your feelings: make you angry by what I say, make you sad, glad, or any other emotion, then you have put me squarely in control of your emotions. That's a lot of power to give to another person. I refuse to do it. I AM IN CONTROL of my emotional, intellectual, and psychological self and refuse to give over that control to someone else's mental processes.

    Think about it.




    Nicely put well done good and faithful slave to this forum.

    Your reward shell be great in heaven as it is on earth. Just follow the golden rule.

    Happy new year


  • deddaisy

    Moe, I know you don't know me, duh, but I know you're a sweetie, and only hope, that you're smart enough to make the most of your youth ! (Stick it in the bank for you and your daughter!)

    forever and always,


  • Introspection

    Francois, I am talking about a later point in time. In the moment when the emotional reaction has already risen, it is already after the fact and to deny it only means you're denying what exists in that moment.

    You do bring up a good point though, and that is the apparent contradiction between this business of self mastery and the idea of no self, being one with the Tao and so on. It's really a simple matter of being identified and hanging on to something, though. From the absolute perspective, there is no control. Control of what we perceive of as our self is only relative, and so to resist what we cannot control is only denial, that is what I was getting at. However, I have found that even if there is an emotional reaction, (which need not be a part of personal/psychological interaction, it could be in response to an event you observed) simply not identifying with it or resisting it (which is identifying with the oppsite, still being defined by that which you are resisting) allows me to experience the most intense emotions in a very short period of time. Therefore I don't identify with or deny those experiences, it is simply part of what makes me human. Anyway, as you know all things include their opposite, it is far more valuable (not to mention realistic) to recognize this in our interactions than to hang on to the typical idea of control. To speak from a practical level, it is a matter of recognizing what is within your control and what is not, because that's just another thing that is subject to the dualistic nature of all things relative.

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