Who is God's spokesperson/s?

by punkofnice 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • GodZoo
    Apparently according to Geoffrey Jackson it's anyone who presumes to be..

    Is it me?? I don't want to be presumptuous.

    Maybe it's Lars?


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Hey Punky!

    i don't ever get bored of talking about the royal commission investigation and Angus Stewart!

    The whole thing just blew my mind, seeing those eldumbs getting grilled and their precious authority ignored. Sometimes I go to youtube with my coffee and watch one clip after another. Yes, it all really happened!

    God's spokesmen are the sharks jumping up out of the water and crunching a whole seal for dessert. Watch out or you're next - that's all God ever says.


  • Phizzy

    The most important Spokespersons on Earth are the Ambassadors representing countries. When they speak, their Country speaks.

    Paul, in 2Cor5v20 says that Christians are "Ambassadors, substituting for Christ".

    We would thus expect no word of untruth to fall from the lips of such a Spokesperson.

    Geoffrey Jackson lied to the Royal Commission, so he cannot be a Spokesperson for God or Jesus..

  • punkofnice

    godzoo - his holiness the watchtower pope wacko Jacko can't be trusted with words

    DD - I could name a few too

    Iown - Yes. It's compusive viewing...his holiness watchtower pope wacko Jacko is a jackass

    Puzzywuzzy - Good point. Good point. I wouldn't even use their holinesses the watchtower popes as a substitute for dog muck

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