Starting to get grilled by parents

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    yeah--jesus didnt got baptised till he was 30--and he was perfect.

    so imperfect men need to wait a lot longer.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Read this thread too (abiblestudent posted links to his summaries of the book). A real treat for any lurkers afraid to purchase it.. ;)

  • sir82

    There is a part in this week's service meeting - the whole service meeting is a Q&A on a JW propaganda video.

    The video is about "spiritually weak" parents who are "losing control" of their kids. Eventually they "simplify their lives" and get their kids "straightened out".

    I would guess the video produced the WTS's desired effect in them, and made them feel horribly guilt-wracked about you, since you are a late-teen and not yet baptized.

    If you can get thru the next couple of weeks things should get better. In my experience, JWs have the attention span of goldfish. A few more weeks and your parents will be induced to feel guilty about something else.

  • SecretSlaveClass


    What everyone here has said is great advice. I will only add that your parents seem like good people which makes decisions a lot harder for you. As mentioned before, take it slow, weigh your current situation and adjust accordingly. Reading everything you can to help convey your feelings and thought process for when the time comes to make your decision known is highly recommended. As previously advised, your most immediate concert is to avoid baptism at all costs!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    stan livedeath6 hours agoyeah--jesus didnt got baptised till he was 30--and he was perfect.
    so imperfect men need to wait a lot longer.

    Great point!

  • OneEyedJoe

    It's tough to be put in that sort of a situation. At least you're in a position to understand what's going on and know that they really do care for you and are trying to do the right thing even if they're completely wrong about what that is. They may be using emotionally manipulative tactics, but you can focus on the fact that they do care for you in spite of their being misguided.

    One other thing that you might be able to tell them with complete honesty is "The truth has never been more important to me than it is now." Obviously they'll hear something different, replacing "the truth" with "the watchtower society" but it's their fault for making up their own definitions of words. A little theocratic warfare, if you will.

  • Giordano

    I am learning a lot about the child abuse through my aunt who is in active now. That's what helped opened my eyes as well. I have three sisters. One is actually disfellowshipped for the 2nd time and is trying to get reinstated to she can get her family back.

    If you continue to be grilled by your parent(s) about getting baptized you may want to ask them a couple of questions.

    "Dad, Mom do you think that getting baptized to please one's parents is the right reason to be baptized? Especially if a person is not mature enough to realize that this is a commitment for life.

    We all know what happens when a JW is DF they lose all contact with their family. Everyone in the family is punished for that person's mistake. They have to be shunned by the people who love them the most.

    I do not want that to happen to us again. Being Baptized is not a simple matter for me. I honestly don't feel I am ready."

  • freemindfade
    Take it from your mobster brother over here, the less info you give the better, yes that drives people nuts, but reassure them in other ways. Get across that finish line to adulthood without blowing your cover.

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