Jehovah's Witness Claims Surgeon Refused to Operate

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  • Scully

    I thought this was funny:

    Mr. Clinton had a history of illegal drug use, and [Dr. Brown] wondered aloud why [Clinton] would use illegal drugs but not take blood if necessary.

    and this:

    Mr. Clinton went to another VA medical center

  • rebel8

    Interesting approach, albeit a lame one. The contention appears to be that, as a government employee, the physician had an obligation to support his practice of religion.

    Outside a government setting, this strategy would seem irrelevant; healthcare providers are not obligated to treat anyone unless it's an EMTALA issue (which this clearly was not).

    He's a vet and then became a jw...or something. So accepting the veterans' benefits is not against his conscience, I guess.

  • brandnew
    Like taking a car to a mechanic, but saying he cant use his tools...😨

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