Women are Women and Men are men in the Real World , apparently not in J.W.`s world.

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  • tiki
    Yeah...I used to think that was pretty contradictory....but the explanation was that those who had been women on earth would be better able to understand and guide surviving females on earth to perfection...understanding their "vicissitudes" as they liked to bandy that peculiarly insulting term.
  • Sabin

    smiddy they are women, haven't you seen the facial hair on some of the older sisters? I think it unfair they can grow beards when the brothers cant.

  • paradisebeauty

    The 144.000 are Jewish people, as the bible says. To admit this would put the GB is trouble.

    The only covenant for Christians is the new covenant.

    There is no covenant for a kingdom with Christians. There is an assignment that Jesus gives to the 12 apostles, who are Jews. In Luke 22:29 the word "covenant" does not appear there.

    The wt admits there is no word covenant there.If you have NWT with references, look at the apendix, pages 1584-1585 7D “Covenant” , it is an apendix for the word covenant and there are listed all the verses where "covenant" appears, Luke 22:29 is not among them.

    So the NWT with References appendix is proof they mistranslated Luke 22:29 and inserted a covenant for the kingdom with the disciples.

    It is not like the kingdom is taken from the Jews and given to Christians, but rather the new covenant allows people from other nations who become Christians to co-inherit the kingdom with Jews. It is an extension, not a replacement.

    The number in revelations refers to Jewish people who will have a special place in God's kingdom, not to all anointed.

    More about the invented covenant of the wt, a covenant that no one else finds in the bible, but the greedy GB of WT:


    Look for yourself how other Bibles translate that verse http://biblehub.com/luke/22-29.htm



    If you do a serious study of the NWT and follow the references, you will begin to see many, many inconsistencies and dead ends. There are contradictory references and references that go nowhere. The most dangerous of all for the WTBTS are the references that actually lead somewhere, references that the GB failed to note.

    This is a main reason that the "Silver Sword" was printed, IMO. You could learn TTATT from the NWT. Now it is much more difficult. I fear that most JWs will never get out, not without a miracle.


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