Women are Women and Men are men in the Real World , apparently not in J.W.`s world.

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  • smiddy

    According to J.W.`s the 144000 are a literal number of people , both men and women taken from the earth to rule with Christ Jesus in the heavens .This would also include judging in this role. (see another thread about women as judges)

    Women in the religion of J.W.`s have no place in leadership roles ,cannot be Elders , Ministerial Servants , or serve in any position of authority , and have no teaching voice in any congregation .

    Yet faithful anointed women can , upon their death rule with Christ Jesus in Heaven for 1000 years according to J.W. understanding of the Bible , dictated by the Governing Body.

    Is their a major inconsistency here ?

    Their are something like 13-14000 Anointed remnant on earth today claiming to be of the "Heavenly class" comprising of both men and women in the Jehovah`s Witness religion today who expect to rule with Jesus in Heaven .

    It is also interesting to note the illustrations in the Watchtower publications about the 144000 , they are always drawn as men with beards ,not a woman to be found , why is that do you think .!

    And as the saying goes "A picture is worth more than a thousand words"


  • umbertoecho

    Maybe they think that real humans are only the ones with..............you know what. And that therefore it is unnecessary for women to be portrayed. All those pictures are really of men and women, but the women have been graced with the male genitals.....?Sorry about that.............way too much of the old whiskey at work here...

    Crap, I've no clue about what I'm talking about..........

  • jhine

    Umbertecho , the whisky talking may actually have a point . They obviously do see men as the only relevant human beings . They only allow women to be part of the 144 '000 because even they can see that it would be difficult to get round all the women mentioned in the NT


  • prologos

    This unisex thing is done to prevent pregnancies in heaven, for heaven's sake. After all, these 144 000 males are also female, the "bride", a composite lady, virgin no less( composed of male virgins). In Marriage pregnancies are an ever present danger. It's all spiritual of course.

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Is their a major inconsistency here ?

    OMG, there absolutely IS. thanks smiddy. That one went way over my head and was never thought about while I was in the 'truth'....

    so much of this stuff previously accepted, when now questioned or revealed under a different light IS TOTALLY NONSENSICAL....


  • Heaven

    smiddy said: It is also interesting to note the illustrations in the Watchtower publications about the 144000 , they are always drawn as men with beards ,not a woman to be found , why is that do you think .!

    This is what happens when you make Patriarchy your foundational, guiding principle.

  • Finkelstein

    JWS woman should be considered fortunate they can speak inside Kingdom Halls for the bible states that woman are not to speak in god's holy places of worship .

    But that would not play into the WTS favor, since woman can be trained as door to door sales representatives for the Watchtower Publishing house.

  • paradisebeauty

    The wt society does not understand the concept of the new creation, though the Bible is speaking so much about it.


    The purpose of God is the new creation, and that is what He means by "Look, I make all things new!"

    But this light has avoided the GB ... and this is why they need to change their "understanding" every 2 years and go round and round in circles with their false teachings.

    Those 7 men in the GB are bluffing.


    The WTBTS's interpretation of the 144,000 is wrong, no matter how they slice it.

    1) If it's a literal number of anointed Christians, with that number beginning to be filled after Pentacost 33 C.E, then it's already filled. The sheer number of men alone would fill that number. Then there are women and CHILDREN. Just think of all the people who were baptized Christians BEFORE Rutherfraud created the doctrine of the Great Crowd. ALL the Christians through history would easily fill that literal number.

    2) If the 144,000 is symbolic, the WTBTS's is screwed as well. There goes the hierarchy for a thinking person. Of course the GB will just fall back on only them being the FDS, but it's a joke.

    I suppose they could release nu-light about the 144,000 being a sub-group of anointed Christians who have some kind of oversight in some way. Then stress that "evidently" they would be closely involved with HQ. ( Wink!!)

    They will spin, spin, spin. They are the Guardians Of The Doctrine for a reason! LOL!!

  • SecretSlaveClass
    As I've mentioned before. I would assume their argument would be that heavenly spirits are sexless and thus do not fall under the same rules.

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