The Elders' are Coming, Need Questions..!!!!

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  • freeATlast

    hi casper,

    One thing to consider: Do you have any family in the organization or really close friends that you would mind losing?

    If that is the case, then you should be very careful saying ANYTHING at all about questions. Say your depressed, busy at work, etc. Then they leave you alone, no questions asked. Especially if you have a non-witness husband. remind them of that and what he would think of the organization if they keep pressing you.

    It's not exactly honest, but hey all is fair in SPIRTUAL WARFARE.

    depending on how zealous your local elders are, saying you have questions could get you "marked," which is just as bad as being DF'd.
    Be careful and good luck.

  • TR


    The last two elders that checked on me got an earful. We stood on my front porch for over an hour, and I told them about everything I could think of. They flat out had no answers. I asked them about Beth-Sarim and Beth-Sham and they both said "huh?"(add scooby doo voice). They said they'd do research and get back to me. They never did.

    Of course the only other JW in my family is my brother and his family, but they're "spiritually weak". So I tend to agree with the others if you have close family in the bORG. Keep it cool until the time is right.

    Or, you could hide a video camera, make sexual advances, and see if you can turn them on. Blackmail time!LOL!


  • patio34


    I'm in the same boat with you and sometimes just want to tell all of them off, but my wiser sister said "hold up!"

    Really, you owe no one an explanation nor defense. It's a personal decision and WTBS has been ruling our lives long enough. It's also an assertive technique not to defend yourself, as if you owe that person an explanation.

    I had an elder and his wife stop by recently because I was "sick" (which I often am), but I didn't go in to any of my real reasons! Besides, it could be then you may be viewed as a heretic (read apostate--LOL).


  • Casper

    To FreeaTlast and all....

    Loved your full of wisdom that we new ones need,
    so badly......SEE, I would have stepped right into the
    "Lion's Den" without everyone's help.

    In ans. to a previous question, No, I do not have any "fleshly
    family" in the truth....My family have always supported any
    thing that I have wanted to do..and for that I am grateful.

    Hate that I have spent the last 17 or 18 years trying to avoid
    them........"Advice of Elder's....Worldly you know..!!!!"
    Trying so hard now to make up for "Lost Time" with them..

    Also Thanks to all who e-mailed me.....a Great Help.....


  • stephenw20

    One needs to be true to who they are........

    I dont quite understand tho, what is being attempted to be done by hiding the truth. Whether you wish to be confrontational, or not what are you hoping to achieve here, a reprieve from a group you dont agree with. Is there some justice or prize in this.

    We dont get these opportunities everyday , to stand up for "our beliefs". If fear is what is preventing your being able to be firm in your own person, then consider postponing till you are ready to be as prepared as possible. THere is nothing to hide from.

    Before anyone says , its easy to be critical, if you have no family left here, back up , my wife is very much opposed to my ideas, and my mother thinks I am demonized. So be it. I still love them..... and if they will not allow me or any one else BE themselves , well then they dont agree with the societys recorded view onthe freedom of religion.
    THE SWORD CUTS both ways..........but it only works if you use it.

    I am not attempting to brow beat or preach to must be comfortable with your own speed at which you want to change your life........but I have to say, as I would to any supposed witness.....WHERE IS YOUR FAITH..why this lack of trust

    dont you believe in god...........or do you still REALLY allow the WTBTS to have power over you............ if you think for one minute that you can just fade off into the sunset...good luck to you..I wish you will be of a physical nature ONLY........ your friends who dont share you new inner sense of truth and being wont be with you in this case, if you have friends still there. Your just prolonging the torture of your soul.........

    I am not saying this is easy.......... but you cant get a little pregnant... you either are or are not.........if this group who preaches this relgious freedom doesn't abide by it or enforce it, that is their mistake..........and those who support this just share in it.......

    Ok enough
    i wish you the best Casper....

    hope you can make the proper choice for you.......

  • uncle_onion


    You wrote "Ask them how in the world could a person like Carol Jonnson can write something about Middle East Chronology when doesn't know anything about Semetic languages?"

    "Carol Jonnson"? Is that Carls wife or sister?


  • mommy

    ((((HUGS)))) I haven't read this thread until this morning, and it seems today is the day they will visit. I hope the visit went as you planned. I can relate to how you feel about wantng to "Buck the system" I too felt this way, when I first left the org. This was 8 years ago, and alot of things have come to pass in my life since then. I feel no ties or responsibilities to any of the elders, thus that takes away their "power"
    I have had several in the past year come to my home, I am honest about who I am and my stand on the reigion. I also have been able to discuss things that bother me in the org with them. To this day they are unable to answer. Maybe it is because I have been out for so long, or maybe they know I am right, I really don't know, But they do leave me alone and respect my choices.
    Of course I never fellowshipped with these brothers so they don't know me on a personal level. But my advice to you is, be confident in your beliefs, hold your head up. Speak in a reasoning tone(you know the one they taught you) They can't deem you argumenative if there is no argument.
    Again ((((HUGS)))) I hope all is going well for you today.

  • Liberated

    This may be too late for their visit since this is Saturday morning, but I thought I'd add the two questions I asked the presiding overseer and elder when they came to "visit". I disassociated a few weeks later.

    1. Who was the faithful slave in 1914 who knew of Jesus' return in that year? (answer: no one, they were actually teaching that he had already returned in 1874)

    2. After telling them I didn't agree with everything the wts teaches and them wanting to know what those things were, I asked them: "Is there any teaching I COULD disagree with and still remain a member?"
    (You might have to repeat the question--I had to.)

    The PO said I would have to answer that question myself and I told him I believed the answer was No, so it wouldn't matter what I disagreed with----therefore there was no reason to go into any of it. No shouting match. Gave them something to research. Something to think about, I hope.

    He did add that I could believe anything just as long as I didn't TALK about it to others! In the end I couldn't reconcile that kind of duplicity with being a Christian and sent in my letter before the next Saturday meeting.

    of the liberated class

  • Casper

    Well.....They were a "NO SHOW".....haha..
    Know it will happen sooner or later....

    Thanks "Mommy" for your post, I agree with you and Stepehw20..
    Why keep "running" so to speak,

    I have no ties to these people, no family in the truth...Not
    looking for a confrontation with them, just Freedom.

    Finally posted my story on the "Main" area.. Feels Better


  • crossroads

    Glad you got a reprive. There has been much good advice
    here. Just my 2 cents, when they ask the ? about Jehovah's
    org. Don't lie and just say yes so they go away. Answer I
    follow what is written we must obey God as ruler rather
    than men. Never answer the? yes or no. answer with
    using Jesus name always biblicaly stay very calm you
    don't even realize you know what is written in the WORD
    better than they do. Remember your in control not them.
    They are looking to toss you out, you on the other hand
    are spreading the GOSPEL. I ask you what is more poweful?
    Also when you here the knock say a short prayer ask for
    Jesus to help you and thats checkmate. Really most of them
    are dumber than rocks when knowing what is actually written.
    Heres two ? for you though 1- do you think Jesus died for me
    and say your name making it personal. Oh they will be so happy
    thats all thats bothering you. They will hit this ? out of the park.
    You want them too.2-? So when do I[YOUR NAME] get to use
    my get out of jail card for free? Oh make sure you have the insight book in full view just in case. Back to the ? they will
    look out you with much bewilderment. You'll have to explain.
    Well you say Jesus died for me[this is the?they hit out] right.
    So when do I [say your name] get to use it? They will stumble
    for a minute. Then the bright one will say when you get
    resurected. ANS. So i'll be equal to adam then. Well no.
    Ask 2? again . You'll have the oppurtunity to be like adam
    if you measure up in the new system. If I don't, well you die.
    So ask 2? again Remembering they don't have an answer for
    this question.Jesus sacrifice was to put all of us back to square
    one to be perfect like adam . All by grace not works for then grace
    wouldn't be grace would it[PAUL] . If you should get turned around maybe a little
    confused ask them if they would like to see what the society
    has to say on it. Have the insight book right there with you.
    Ask them if they would like to turn with you to MEDIATOR in
    the insight book. My experience the elder said no, it was in arms
    length of him. See they don't know the brightness of the light
    in there own publications or if they were on the flip or the flop
    at the time. If you really get flustered just mention the real
    faithful discret slaves name BRO. RUSSELL. make sure
    before you say his name there is a clear path to your door
    it will remind you of a 3 stooges movie with only two stooges.
    Peace and Love-MARK

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