The Elders' are Coming, Need Questions..!!!!

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  • Casper

    Thanks so much for your posts...

    You are right I am not up to a "Big Debate" at this time,
    I will think on what was said... and go with the flow.

    Can't wait to read about the 607 thing..

    They were all good questions, maybe I'll sneak in one
    or two....just for fun.


  • Fredhall

    Ask them how in the world could a person like Carol Jonnson can write something about Middle East Chronology when doesn't know anything about Semetic languages?

  • Farkel

    I agree with those who urge you to use caution. This is especially true if they try to probe you with questions about whether you believe the FDS is God's spokesman and whether you do not believe anything they say. You have the best possible world by being inactive. Don't rock the boat unless you are prepared to face the consequences is my opinion on the matter.

    The best possible non-answer-answer is "I just have a lot of questions in my mind right now and need time to think about them." Say no more than that and you should be ok.

    If the elders are not ready to hear the truth about the "truth," nothing you can say will convince them otherwise, no matter how well you say it.


  • stephenw20


    I would print out the testimony from the Walsh and the Olin Moyle trials.......There here on the board somehwere..........f you need them I will email them to you........

    if things go bad just ask them if they know the principles........Franz, Knoor and Covington........

    They will understand you are not to be taken lightly.

    at the least they will be uncomfortable......


  • battman

    btw i like your "handle" & i read your intro.

    a very wise man once told me:

    "never argue with an idiot as
    someone else might walk by
    and not realize which one is the idiot."

    as the other posters said "just be cool".
    also you do not want to throw your pearls before s......
    just shake the dust off your boots and stay in stealth mode.
    smile and tell them how much you appreciate their concern
    tell them what they want to hear (they are really good at that)
    KISS them (keep it simple sis). they be master of confusion

    I am in similair straits and trying to stay "under the radar".

    we are here for you and will be thinking of you.


    (of the "wot me worry class") thanks farkel for that.
    i grew up with A.E.N.

  • Pathofthorns

    Hey Casper

    I think the advice urging caution is good.

    You need to remember that you are under no obligation to meet with them or explain anything to them or answer any of their questions. Being inactive is not a "disfellowshipping offense" and you have every right to quietly "cease involvement".

    Nothing good can possibly come out of meeting with the elders unless you would like to risk saying something in front of 2 witnesses for which you could get disfellowshipped for.

    You need to get through your head that you cannot convince them of ANYTHING until they are ready to find out for THEMSELVES. THEY ask YOU the questions and ALWAYS make sure they remain in CONTROL. Don't be foolish and think that it works any other way unless you'd like a one-way ticket out of the organization.

    They are looking for you to make some sort of statement to qualify where you stand in relation to "the truth". They want to know if you are "in or out". Not giving them a definite answer is very frustrating for them and really is the only way to "beat the system".

    Just keep your mouth shut and tell them you'd rather not meet with them at the present time. Thank them for their concern and assure them you are well and just leave it at that. Then continue to fade in silence. It is the best way.


  • Casper


    As I said, you all, are right..."They would eat me alive"...

    From Farklel
    "The best possible non-answer-answer is "I just have a lot of questions in my mind right now and need time to think about them." Say no more than that and you should be ok."

    I agree

    .....But, SOMETIMES....I just get so frustrated, and want
    "TO BUCK THE SYSTEM".... These will be the same two Elders, that
    as I said in other threads, Literally did NOT know what to do with
    me...when I finally quit going... for Instance...when I let them
    know I was getting married to my present Non-Witness husband....NOT ONE of them tried to stop counsel, no visits...NOTHING. Not
    that I wanted them to...

    Maybe I just need to post my story in Friends, I haven't really done
    that....just get it out and I can BREATHE. Hope I can
    feel free to "Rant and Rave, (modestly of coarse..LOL)

    You all are great.....Hate that I said...."go with the flow' in
    my previous post.... Isn't that what we have "Always Done" and
    now we are paying for it.

    Let you know how it goes,


  • cocolocoii

    I forgat to tell you that elders usally asked you if You believed that this is Jehovah's Organization?
    Please to avoid confrontation respond Yes!
    They are instructed to ask that question.
    It is very ironic that step of asking if you believed in Jehovah and Jesus they ask you about the org. (What a dogmatic question)

  • Farkel

    : Hope I can feel free to "Rant and Rave, (modestly of coarse..LOL)

    Of course, you can always do that same thing as someone who is "inactive." I'm inactive and I'm a big thorn for the Printing Corporation. They cannot DF me now. I've been out nearly 30 years. The Flock book says to "take into consideration" how long people have been out before they act, and I think that an ENTIRE generation is a long enough time before those twit window-washer-elders understand I'm a hopeless cause in their hopeless religion.

    I understand your frustration, but a bit of patience is better than a bit of emoting. Trust me. Would I lie to you?

    Farkel, the consummate jerk and still improving....

  • Tanalyst

    Perhaps you can have a salad right before they come, with loads of garlic on it.

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