Did you/Do you actually LIKE Field Service?

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  • TR


    What about being blackmailed into thinking that the "work" is showing love for our fellow man, if we don't want to go out on FS it shows a lack of love on our part! That sucks as far as I am concerned.

    This reminds me of what a hypocrite I felt like back then. I used to bitch about certain "spiritually weak" ones that didn't do FS, all the while hating it myself and preferring to talk to people privately, which is what the "spiritually weak" ones probably did.

    Lack of love. HA! It shows love to disrupt peoples family peace? What the hell were we thinking, for Dog's sake?


    that lady was the one that had a "Fred Hall" for a son. His life was sucking down 40 oz. bottles of "Olde English 800", and running microphones. Poor guy was 40 years old and lived with his mom. Wore the same smelly clothes to every meeting. I really felt sorry for him.


  • riz


    'a' fredhall? Not THE fredhall? Anywho, he sounds charming.


  • Francois

    Hated every micro-second of it!

    Service way out in the boondocks of rural Tennessee in the Smokey Mountains wasn't too bad. Everyone there is interested in talking about Jaysus. Many front doors had "Jesus Only" etched in the glass. And they meant it. Best you go 'round to the back door to peddle your rags.

    Anyone who says they loved, or even liked, going in field service is a liar in my opinion. Even the pioneers would leave the hall, go to the nearest laundromat, toss in a couple of WTs to get time started and then go to the nearest Waffle House. 'Course, we'd leave a WT there, too. By that time the mall was opened, so we'd go to the food court and sit around a few hours and leave more dead trees in there. And this was when the pioneers were leading the group. When it was just us regular pub types, it was even more slack. Hell, even when the circuit overseers were around, they'd do the same kind of stuff. But they'd try to put the best face on it. There was no "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" element in it when the circuit guys were around.

    But, to get back to the nub of your question, I hated it with a purple passion.

    By the way. Does anyone here know C.B. Mitchell, Jay-Dub in the western suburbs of Atlanta?


  • biblexaminer

    I got you all beat. I still go out. That's right, come this weekend, I will be out 'sellin the wurd'.

    I am hoping I will be involved in a huge automobile accident between now and the weekend. If I am in a coma, then I won't have to deal with it.

    I guess that sums it up for me.

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