SUPERMAN'S GLASSES, the perfect disguise for people who think like comic book characters: Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Terry

    What will happen when 8 million JW's look on the witness stand before the Royal Commission this Friday? Will they see Superman. . . or only Clark Kent?

    In the comic books, when Superman shows up, readers of the comic already know Clark Kent has made an excuse to disappear. Neither Jimmy Olson, Lois Lane, Perry White or anybody else is able to see through the ridiculous "disguise" of black, horn-rim glasses.

    Have you ever thought about what state of mind is necessary for this subterfuge to work?

    Whatever that is, Jehovah's Witnesses have it when they look at their Governing Body as though it is Superman but fail to see they are only ordinary men (Clark Kent) who are bumbling nerds.

    SUPERMAN'S GLASSES = a special blindness to the obvious, and without it the comic book premise simply doesn't work.


    The Faithful and Discreet Slave is a comic book fiction.

    The Governing Body is a kind of alternate identity.

    If anybody took even a moment to think rationally they would have to become entirely skeptical, wouldn't they? But, they don't.

    How can reasonably intelligent people (8 million) all over the world be so easily fooled?


    Let me tell you a little story which is true, from my life, which best illustrates this blindness. . .

    In 1972, I worked for an employment agency as an Employment Counselor who, for a fee, assisted clients in finding a better job with a good company which offered benefits.

    One of the other employees at this agency, (ABC Employment Agency) was named John Day. He was one of the most professional people I had ever met. He dressed well, spoke softly with authority, worked well with clients and exuded a charisma most people found irresistible.

    He was a total phony! (I didn't know this yet.)


    Long story short, everything I liked and admired about John later turned out to be a pretense, a lie, a swindle and a counterfeit. He was a consummate liar.

    I saw him as a fine, dedicated family man. He was a serial cheater.

    I saw him as a man of wealth and success. He was "white trash."

    I saw him as a great father. He abandoned his wife and two kids and left them in poverty.

    I saw him as a professional magician hobbyist who was friends with the great magicians out in Hollywood, and who had a membership to the Magic Castle. None of this was true.


    I won't go into all the details. Suffice it to say, I was completely and totally taken in by John Day whose real name turned out to be John Faris and not Day.

    When he was finally revealed to be Clark Kent and not the Superman I had taken him for, I was dumbstruck!

    How, I asked myself, could I have been so completely fooled?

    The answer to this, as it turns out, is rather simplistic: I took him at face-value. He acted the part. He spoke the part. He dressed the part---and that, my friends--was enough to pull off the charade successfully.

    Why SHOULD I have been skeptical?


    What is my point in referencing this failure of perception on my part?

    I think the principle of SUPERMAN'S GLASSES is not a mysterious one to understand.

    When people look and act the part, we grant them the benefit of the doubt and we sustain our first impression of them.

    The Faithful and Discreet Slave present a facade of "faithfulness" which is seen as a rare virtue in this world.

    They present a fiction of humility, meekness, and lowliness of mind. This is quite admirable as well.

    The Governing Body quite recently have emerged out of the shadows of anonymity. This was after 70 years of constant preparation by text in Watchtower publication. The drumbeat of their connection to Jesus and Jehovah had been steady.

    The responsibility of all true Christians in listening to and obeying this fictitious concoction had been building and building into a dynamic crescendo of mythic proportions.

    JW-TV flashes their images all over our planet in a constant bombardment of firm determination and resolve.



    This celebrity status is certainly a myth, but why would any JW see beyond the flat image into the deception?

    Hint: it is dangerous to contemplate doing so!

    A divine equivalency has been portrayed: Jehovah's Authority = the Governing Body

    Kings and Priests who rule with Jesus = the Faithful and Discreet Slave

    Loyalty, obedience to the GB = everlasting blessings and reward.

    Opposition and skepticism of the GB authority = death at Armageddon and everlasting cutting off.


    Believing in SUPERMAN'S GLASSES brings a potential reward of fellowship with larger-than-life fellowship.

    Seeing behind the disguise destroys the fantasy world and all its counterfeit promises leading to disfellowshipment.

    Disfellowship brings LOSS of family and friends and hope and paradise. This is a huge gamble and disincentive to skeptical inqurity!


    I don't know if you've ever been dead wrong about a person like I was with John Faris (aka John Day), but it causes such self-doubt and denial, a loss of self-confidence can result which is hard to shake off.

    I think 100% of you out there reading my words have experienced this stunning misperception at least once. Perhaps it has only been when you began to "wake up" to the 'truth about The Truth'.


    The thing is, in Superman comics nobody jumps up and points at Clark Kent shouting his secret identity for a very good

    reason. The entire fictional world would be destroyed and the premise of Clark Kent would instantly crumble.

    Let us hope this Friday, if and when a Governing Body member takes the "witness" stand before the Royal Commission, by the time questioning is over, 8 million people who are looking at Superman will suddenly begin to see how much similarity there is to a mere Clark Kent.

  • WingCommander

    Have I ever run into and been fooled by a total phony in my lifetime? Sure have! Case in point, my sister-in-law.

    She's the CEO of a Bank. Dresses the part. Is respected in the community because she does everything someone in her position is supposed to do. Does all manner "charity" work. Goes to church every Sunday. Helps with the Blood Drive. Used to teach Sunday School. Isn't she swell? NOT.

    My sister-in-law is a two-faced, manipulative, conniving, egotistical, self-centered narcissist with a messiah complex, who lacks true empathy or remorse for anyone but herself. She only cares about people that somehow benefit HER and her goals. Everyone else is expendable. Think I'm kidding? How else could someone who started as a bank teller claw her way up to eventually become CEO without a shred of post-high school education? That takes some serious clawing and backstabbing. At first when I met her, I had thought to give her a chance. I thought my wife's tales of how horrible it was to grow up with this manipulative twerp was over-exaggerated and just "kid" stuff. I was WRONG. Dead wrong. What's worse, is that she taught her (2) daughters to be equally as cruel, manipulative, and two-faced as she is. It's a real family affair now. As for my wife's parents, they are much like Louis Lane....they see what they want to see, and trying to tell them of how horrible this woman has been to my wife, myself, and our son has been like talking to a brick wall. We were made out to be liars, etc. My wife was told by her father that I'm no longer welcome in their home anymore because I dared to speak the truth about how we'd been treated, and defend myself and my family. My wife was shocked. My F-I-L can have those poseurs!!!! He's an old man (nearly 90), and I've asked my wife, "Who do you think is going to come wipe his behind and change his diapers? When the time comes, tell him to have the favored daughter (narcissist) come do it, because I no longer give a sh*t." Ha! The only thing the sister-in-law will come around for is to put him in a home and clean out the house for herself.

    So, we did the only thing we knew to do when presented with a no-win situation like this; when dealing with a sociopath such as this, it is best to remove them from your life and have ZERO contact with them. I/we have, and the last 5 years have been swell, let me tell you. They can squirm around in their own self-made dramas, and we can no longer be blamed for a single problem dealing with them. F'em! But I tell you, I learned my lesson. Up until this point in my life, I hadn't encountered someone as severe as my S-I-L. It was really shocking to see how she really was behind the crocodile smile.

  • FuzzyPaul


    The brain-washing, defined as removing a person from reasoning or independently challenging ideas, after my 40 year involvement still makes me twitch at the thought of "challenging the FDS." I have, and freely continue to disqualify the WTBTS, its elders, the Headquarters staff, the editors of the WTBTS who are the actual FDS and its supporters, but reading your comments still makes me feel like OH NO, I'M IN TROUBLE NOW AND AN APOSTATE, which is a trained in bio-chemical reaction.

    It is very much like PTSD. A constant threat leaves one in such a state unless one can take over the control and point their gun with the safety off and choose to shoot to maim or s'kill. I freely carry a small swordfish object in a legal matter to stand on my ground coffee beans. Ckrypthonically writing. If you get my meaning, if you catch my drift....

    When a stoic, sober elder Brother Anderson came to my door in his official role and I saw his "I'm in charge" fa├žade I told him "off" and told him to leave. He stood there writing some notes for his commentary and dossier. As if I were a vaporous cloud of thought. So, I stepped out onto my small porch and leaning toward him, without intending to touch, I told him, "Leave now, not when you feel like it.' He moved then and I followed him virtually on his heals down the pathway off my property. What was he writing that his x-ray vision saw in my superficial beardy face?

    I wonder if he had to wipe his forehead and blow his nose in his cape afterward, think of the "Embarrassment is an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself, experienced when having a socially unacceptable act or condition witnessed by or revealed to others. Usually some amount of loss of honor or dignity is involved, but how much and the type depends on the embarrassing situation."

    The status and false validation of being an "elder" overwhelms most JWs and Mormons, some becoming a vicious reformer. Have you ever heard a JW someone say, "I'll take care of this, I've seen this before."?

    Yeah, like krypton like. Yeah.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Nice analogy Terry. We all get fooled at some point in our lives. The question is: what do we do about it? If it's harmless who cares - write the person off as a fraud and move on. If however, the person turns out to be a threat even to a small degree I believe it would be cowardly and/or immoral to turn a blind eye and let others fall victim to the person in question. Being apathetic at times when action is required ads to the problem, there is no way to be neutral once one is aware of the facts.
  • Billyblobber

    Superman's glasses work because nobody expects a godlike powered alien who shows his face at all times to have a "human" disguise. By acting different as Clark, ruffling his hair, and changing his posture, people just think of him as some dorky guy that kind of resembles Superman. And, anyway, the world knows he's Clark now in the comics.

    Just as an aside.

  • Vidiot

    Billyblobber - "...the world knows he's Clark now in the comics. "

    Really? I didn't know that.

    Makes sense that it would eventually be written into the continuity at some point, though.

    On a related note, I thought having Lois Lane discover who he was in Man of Steel as a central part of the story arc was a good creative decision... she's an investigative journalist, after all.

    Besides, I've always thought it would be damn near impossible to keep a secret that big around the people in one's immediate circle.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Do you think Superman ever accidently wore his undies correctly inside his pants?
  • Vidiot

    @ SecretSlave...

    He does now.

    Didn't you see Man of Steel?

  • SecretSlaveClass


    You mean the Chritopher Reeves movie or the cartoon? I havent watched Superman movies or read the comics since the 80's.

  • Vidiot

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