Oh no!Who will study with me?!

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    ..."The article mentions one way weak ones can be helped is to study with them,thus bringing them the "spiritual food" they so desperately need,"....

    Well, of course, the Elders have been doing that for decades. Its their Job and always has been. So surely the article is directed at something "figurative". The "Literal" reality of this studying with "weak ones" has been the case forever.

  • Carmel

    darn! Been here at this address for 18 months and still no "callers". Must be the Rotweiler on the porch....:-)


  • freeman

    Oh please please study with me, I have so many questions that I need answered. Just off the top of my head here are but a few:

    1.) Since Ted J. an elder and governing body member has been publicly accused of raping children, why is he still an elder let alone a GB member? How is it that he still qualifies for this position?

    2.) I own a small corporation and from time to time we need to do research and so we must use public and private libraries to do so. Would it be OK to join the UN as an NGO as I understand you cant get a library card without doing so?

    3.) If I am accosted by a gang of escaped woman convicts and each one of them had their way with me and I didnt scream, would I be Dfed for committing fornication, or does that apply only to a woman?

    4.) Would you please explain and show from the scriptures specifically which crime Bill Bowen, Barbara Anderson and others committed that warrants them being Dfed and worthy of death.

    I have many many more questions, so please someone, please study with me, I am spiritually weak and need help.

    Freeman (ready to study class)

  • bittersweet

    [email protected]

    I'm sure someone will be knocking down your door now to study with a weak one such as yourself.

    Oh yeah,and the answer to all your questions will be........just wait on Jehovah...in time he will reveal the answers to all your questions....in the meantime,study,study,study!

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