regarding Jacksons testimony.

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  • umbertoecho

    Has anyone here re-watched that last day? The part where Justice McClellan is asking Mr Jackson if he feels that this Royal Commission is a sincere effort to make some good changes in policy...?

    And does Mr Jackson feel it would be worth it to put a collective effort, along with other organizations to compensate or find means of redress, for the victims of child sexual abuse?

    Have a look and see what response is elicited by such questions directed at GB member Jackson.

    For......Jackson could hardly say no could he? He could only say they would consider it at the very least. Then he was up against a wall and had to more or less agree that it would more than consider it......this "working alongside other organizations (and religions) to make reparation.

    Those were not empty little questions people. They were perfectly prepared questions, which at the time seemed to me to be naive..Then I realised due to my emotions I had missed the point.

    This was a part of the sworn testimony by a GB member, who is in control of millions of lives.....

    Have a look at Angus Stewart as well. Look at how, whilst Jackson is giving his homily to the world,............Angus Stewart turns his back to him and searches documents...........Mr GB representative for God on earth, full of holy something.................Loses his concentration!!!!

    How dare Stewart turn his back!! The nerve of this little upstart for not respecting him...!!

    Jackson is so unravelled that he asks if they can hear him or even see him.........Of course they can hear and see him. It's just that they don't care about his status. They, the people of the RC are caring about the victims, not some well turned out executive with a gleaming superior attitude that is interchanged with sycophantic, pandering to the "superior authorities" approach.

    Jackson is not used to treatment. He is not used to the casual approach of Angus, indeed, if Angus was a baptised witness.., he would take him to task for insubordination at the very next meeting.

    Ah!! But he can't. Because Angus Rhodes Scholar Stewart, is not in awe and never could be in awe of such man swollen with pride and sitting, hand superstitiously clutching the Silver something as he gibbers sympathetic nothings to the RC. Angus is not impressed, Justice McClellan is sick of hearing about Jackson sick father, the woman lawyer is not one is. And that is the point. There are no lowly beings in this room. Those who have played God are the ones who stand to lose so much.................status.

  • Heaven

    Hi umber.... I have watched all of it. Jackson is a liar. He actually contradicted himself during his testimony. He tried to say the GB are just 'fellow workers' but later references 'each sheep in the congregation'. Does Jackson consider himself a sheep? I doubt it.

    He's trying to appear humble and co-operative but to me, comes off smug at times. His comment about 'that's the problem with secular interpretations of scripture' annoyed me. Who says Jackson's interpretation is any more valid than anyone else's?

    I am wondering if Angus' turning his back was deliberate. I think it was. It was a tactic to let Jackson know he's nothing special to the RC and to see if it flustered him. It told the RC plenty.

    Angus is amazing!

    A couple of other points:

    Jackson stated that the GB's responsibility is that everything is to be scripturally correct. So if they have inserted their interpretation of scripture, does that qualify? This could be a big issue.

    Jackson emphasized at least 3 times that no women could ever be elders.

    He also stated that the Bible says only men can be Judges. This is false as per Judges 4:4-5.

    Angus's question about does Jehovah God love only JWs was answered 'No' by Jackson. Huh?

    When asked by Angus if an inactive witness was caught celebrating a birthday or Christmas would that person be considered transgressing the rules of the Borg Jackson replied "Not his understanding". This is a lie.

    Jackson stated an apostate is someone who goes against the Bible. This is a lie. An apostate is someone who goes against the religion.

    Jackson also stated that 'everyone is on Alert' when a report of child sexual abuse is made known to the Borg but the victim does not want to go to the police. This is a blatant lie. They definitely withhold this information from the entire congregation.

  • daringhart13

    Great summary. BLATANT LIES by Jackson.

    To go with another thread on here; some will hopefully be smart enough to use these lies to their benefit in judical meetings.

    Watching that testimony and denying the lies only proves that loyal JW's are choosing to be loyal to something that is a cult.

  • wannaexit

    I think the following to be a big whopper from Jackson. I may have seen his nose grow a little with the following:

    "Our primary allegiance is to Jehovah God. The Governing Body realizes that if we were to give some direction that is not in harmony with God's Word, all of Jehovah's Witnesses who have the Bible would notice that, and they would see that is wrong direction."

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    umbertoecho, can you provide the time link to the part where Angus Stewart turns his back on Mr. Jackson?
  • sparrowdown

    They hide behind religion. They would not be allowed to run a business like this.

    I find the whole "we can get away with anything in the name of religion" thing so infuriating.

    I'm sure that most people do too, this RC has highlighted major flaws in this religion.

    I believe pandoras box has well and truly been opened.


    Jackson is not used to treatment. He is not used to the casual approach of Angus, indeed, if Angus was a baptised witness.., he would take him to task for insubordination at the very next meeting.

    WBT$ GB "Rock Star Pope",Geoffrey Jackson is a WatchTower God..

    8 Million+ JW`s savor his Every Word..

    He`s not used to people Questioning him..

    He`s certainly not used to people "Questioning his Answers"..


    It`s Obvious to Jackson..

    Angus Stewart doesn`t know how to Behave in the Presence of a WatchTower God..


    ..............................I`m Important!..

    ...........................IT`S IN THE BIBLE!!
    Image result for Watchtower Geoffrey Jackson

  • punkofnice

    His holiness watchtower pope wacko jacko was made to look a complete twat in front of the world.............but not the zombified R&F who will think he is their god.

    Cults are buit to protect their leaders no matter what............wacko jacko is a liar of the lowest order.

    The more I see these bozos is the more I want to see their demise.

  • Finkelstein
    Does it make practical sense to emulate the social moral standards of a civilization that existed 3000 years ago by reading the manuscripts of the ancient Hebrews in the bible ? I think humanity has moved on from that era of human history. Jackson states the WTS organization wants to protect, care and nurture children but the bible states that children who bring dishonor to their parents should be killed and stoned to death. The other thing the WTS doesn't get is that pedophilia is seen as a egregious crime worthy of severe penalties, it is not and should not be taken as a sexual misconduct such as fornication or adultery with consenting adults.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    His testimony was delusional most of the time especially when he mentioned he believes we are in the last days approaching armegeddon. He looked like a real fruit cake to the courts trying to explain what a foretold Faithful and Discreet Slave was and how they get all this authority over people's lives.

    Delusional trying to appear sane to the other side who are worldly and doomed to destruction by corporate Jehovah taste for blood.

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