2007 Awake mentions Child Abuse in Australia!

by SG098 12 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Freedom Avenger
    Freedom Avenger

    "While governments may be able to do little to protect the Christian family (...)".

    And subtly they blame the governments for doing little to protect children.

    I am just astonished!

    This organization's hypocrisy knows no boundaries, whatsoever!

  • oppostate

    Just another case of "por la boca muere el pez", their own mouth kills them. They can't help themselves. They just love to stick their proverbial foot in the bucket.

    Well, let them reap the rewards of the governments looking into their dirty laundry and exposing it to the world to see. The WT is nothing but a bunch of charlatans accusing others of the sins they themselves are trying hard to keep under wraps--white washed graves, painted white in the outside but inside are full of skeletons and decay.

  • Vidiot
    Ironic that they use the freedom of speech afforded to them by constitutional democracy to denounce and denigrate said constitutional democracy.

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