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  • Introspection

    Hi Stephen, I noticed that you posted a few things about Caroline Myss' work, I find it interesting as well. I'm curious, have you ever investigated Buddhist philosophy? It's not necessarily a religion I think..


  • stephenw20


    I have not delved deep into buddhism, but of their beliefs I have read are meant to do no harm to man or any form of life. It is in my opinion is a philsophy of life.

    Ms Myss, combines all forms of religious traditon to get to you..the person within......your biography is your biology........

    I find her very uplifting..and in my case excellent to separate from the tribe (JWS) her words..truth is truth in any tradition.........she doesnt preach one religion....... just truth and energy management.......

  • Introspection

    Stephen, the point I find interesting about Buddhism it's the basic premise about suffering, that grasping attachment, which is kind of what Myss says. When you get a chance you might want to do a search for the "4 noble truths" ..

  • willy_think


    you might like to read the diamond that cuts through illusion sutra.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • Introspection

    Thanks for the recommendation Willy.

  • stephenw20

    4 noble truths?

    are these different than the 7 univeral truths..........other than three less?

  • Introspection

    Well Stephen you can find more online I'm sure, but it's basically this:

    1. Life is marked by suffering.
    2. The cause of suffering is grasping (commonly translated desire, but it has that addictive tone)
    3. To end suffering, end the grasping
    4. To end the grasping, follow the 8 fold path, which is right speech, right effort, right thought that kinda stuff

  • stephenw20


    I bow to your wisdom........

    the universal truths are these:

    1. All is one..we are all connected by means of universal energy or life force....1st chakra...base of spine....... tribal....gai force..connection to mother earth
    2.Honor Others....hips, lower back, reproductive area.... 2 nd chakra..realtionships to people, money and work, creativity...
    3. honor Self....soalr plexus. 3rd chakra......endurance, integrity, self esteem , spiritual goals......
    4. Love is divine power....heart....4 th chakra, forgiveness, love to others and self.....
    5. Submit your personal will to divine will..... 5th chakra....throat..confession, judgement, choices
    6.Seek only the truth..6th chakra...mind/ mental capacity, 3rd eye, illusions, memories, beliefs.....
    7. Live in present time.......7th of head........ connection point to higher power........present time is the only time we have......

    its said ... that if you live above your will have a higher sense of awareness and connection to a divine power, lose track of some of the physical nature of life.......... below the waist well... its all physical......

    the mind and heart are divided by the will and if the will is not strong enough... your heart and mind will never get together........
    you'll be addicted to something.......power, controlling name a few....... anything that lets you off the hook of working on yourself......

    intro how you doin with the 8 fold path?

  • Introspection

    Stephen, I'm not a Buddhist, I just play one on the internet. ;) Seriously, it's just one tradition that I consider, I find good points in all of them.

  • stephenw20


    ...words of wisdom many could benefit from

    Dear Caroline,

    There is a topic I would like to hear addressed anywhere you feel it
    might be appropriate. I am concerned about the whole matter of
    mental/spiritual health in the context of religious groups. These might
    be any of the eastern religious groups so popular lately in the west,
    some operated by trained westerners, some by eastern born teachers, etc.
    Of course they vary as to authenticity or cultist qualities, but it
    would be nice to examine the quality of that energy, which often seems
    to me sort of parasitic and/or intuition negating. Even the ones that
    speak glowingly of 'knowing the true mind' actually seem to be
    compromising the minds of new devotees. I guess these seem like soft
    cults to me.

    A geographically distant friend, a very good and well intentioned
    person, hid her intense involvement with a Buddhist group for a year or
    so, then explained that she had hidden it from many people because they
    'wouldn't understand.' The hiding worries me more than the fact that
    chanting in a very foreign language seems somehow to ignore what is
    available in our own native cultures, and feels like escape from what
    one knows to obey an authority we don't have the language to question.
    Didn't we go through this 'instant Buddhist' phase about 3 decades ago?
    Admittedly, I'm biased towards the way you teach about spirit, using a
    synthesis of all traditions.

    I'm worried about my friend and many others who might paradoxically be
    giving up their own best judgment tools in hopes that gurus will give
    them better ones--at a cost. Would you discuss the health cost, and
    possible antidotes?

    Thanks for all you are doing.

    Thanks for writing - Socially speaking, people have always worshipped in
    a group. The majority of societies, cultures, and nations have come
    together as a result of a religion shared. Nothing is more natural than
    to pray and to celebrate spiritual and cultural rituals as a group.
    As an archetypal template, spiritual leaders emerge from groups -
    Rabbi's, Priests, Guru's, Medicine Men and Shamans, Sages, Oracles, and
    numerous other cultural names - to be 'Point' men and women, enacting
    rituals and granting blessings and bringing forth guidance from the
    Divine to the congregation or society they serve. These practices form
    the backbone of every level of society - neighborhoods not to mention
    nations are scripted around religious cultures. These are the power
    coordinates of humanity. And the accepted purpose for these religious
    organizations - simply put, emphasis on the word 'simply' - is to
    provide spiritual guidance and conduct sacred rituals with the anointed
    among them having the role of mediator between humanity and the Divine.
    Now them, on the other extreme are cults, societies built around using
    the shadow side of spiritual power for mind and power control as opposed
    to spiritual expansion. In essence, cults operate on the same principle
    as religion, only in reverse, or in shadow side of its power.

    Having said that, let's now introduce the right a person has to serve
    their spiritual growth in private. Many people assume postures of
    silence just to avoid having to interact with people who expect, not to
    mention demand, an explanation for them as to why they believe what they
    do. I can understand why many people keep silent about their spiritual
    path - they do not owe any one an explanation as to how they wish to
    pursue their interior growth. But the consequences of such personal
    choices to one's outside world is that it is easy for people to assume
    that their friends or family members are involved in a cult or some
    version of it precisely because of this element of silence and secrecy -
    after all, where there are secrets, there are either financial, moral,
    social, sexual, or religious crimes.... isn’t that what we think? (It
    couldn't be that a person keeps something a secret just because they
    don't want to be interfered with, right? We are a very suspicious
    species and when we are not permitted into the main circle of privacy,
    we automatically assume it is because there is something dark going on.)

    On the other hand, secrets can suggest a fear based involved with a
    group and when it is a religious cult, it is all the more terrifying
    because a cult grips the unconscious far deeper than a political
    loyalty. The aspect of eternity is not connected to political

    So, where does that leave you with you friend? I can promise you that if
    this individual is under a spell, there is not much you can do about it.
    Let me suggest that you ask (her/him?) to
    tell you about her theology, but you must make a commitment to holding a
    position of respect and an open mind. If you come on with an attitude,
    don't even bother because that is precisely the reason so many people
    enter silence on their spiritual journey. If you sense that
    spell casting is involved - ala Jim Jones and Charles Mason - there are
    such groups that offer intervention assistance. But you sure better be
    convinced you know what you're doing before you go that route - and you
    will need the support of at least a hand full of people who have
    interacted with this individual with the intention of evaluation,
    including psychological experts. This ain't amateur hour here....

    On that note, God bless,

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