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  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    I have found an article on their website that moved me to contact them. I share it here hoping more will contact in a similar vein and maybe we can raise awareness and tear down this propaganda.

    I'm writing regarding an article about Jehovah's Witnesses and their blood transfusion doctrine, found here:

    It is clear to me, reading this article, that it's writer is either profoundly ignorant or profoundly biased. This group should not at all be praised for this terrible facet of their doctrine. Do you have any idea how many people have died because of this dogma? How many children have died? Can you imagine how many mothers died in childbirth along with the infant because of this belief?

    Would you praise such tragedy?

    Please allow me to educate you on Jehovah's Witness doctrine, as it has nothing to do with science. Originally, The doctrine was to deny all blood, all vaccinations, and all organ transplants. It was believed by Witnesses that if one accepted another's blood or organs they would inherit part of that individuals personality. Thus, they believed they might become violent, drunkards, drug addicts, depressed - whatever possible malady of any kind the donor may have had, the receiver would inherit.

    The doctrine changed rather quickly regarding vaccines, because from what I've read it appears the schools here in America threatened to deny Witness children entry unless they were vaccinated. The rest, however, went unchanged for many years. Killing hundreds, no doubt, all around the world. It would eventually allow organ transplants, but never transfusions of blood - even until today, under any circumstances.

    You can google several recent examples of tragedy resulting from this doctrine. It is absolutely appalling to read any praise going to this terrible cult for its wanton, indiscriminate mass murder.

    I URGE, you to take down this terrible article. I ask, further, that you do an article which shows an HONEST picture of this religion in this regard. One that shows how many have died, often terrible deaths, all because of how some man interprets the bible - not at all for the advancement of medicine.

    - Rich
  • GodZoo
  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake
    Then we need to go to war with Amanda.
  • steve2

    There was an earlier thread on this (last week?).

    There are two further parts to the topic planned for upcoming editions of the New Yorker.

    You need to remember that this article chose one specific aspect of the no blood doctrine: How it has led to medical practitioners needing to work within a limiting arrangement which - on occasion - has led to improvements.

    Please see that thread because some of those views were carefully expressed but, yes, there was broad agreement, that the article did not step back to consider this matter in context.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Email the front cover page of that Awake magazine that had a couple dozen children's pictures who died from rejecting blood.
  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    They have published all 3 parts to the article. An AJWRB member is preparing a formal letter

    to the editor. Objectively speaking, she does give some space to the limitations but should have

    gone further in my view. Obviously, the piece will be used by the WTS to sell their policy and draw

    conclusions that reach beyond what the data can support. The article has already been sited here:

    and they have published my response at the bottom of the article in the comments section.

  • nonjwspouse

    Oh this would be a wonderful target for birdie's ( Orphan Crow) research information.

    The way JWs who willingly signed away their life for experimental "bloodless' treatments. Many died as a result. The parents that signed over their sick children to use as experiments with the no blood techniques that also died as a result. Willing subjects to trial and error in what grew to be a massive industry on the backs of the dead WTBTS followers.

    The big money in Bloodless medicine, and the very, very strong ties to the WTBTS and this industry. The history behind it. The timing of the doctrine to the industry inventions and advances.

    OC has done excellent exhaustive research in this topic, and continues to do so. Reading her findings are quite fascinating. Society for the Advancement of Blood Management This organization was founded in 2001. The same year the WTBTS was outed for being an NGO wit the UN... hmmm SABM is a member of the UN. Imagine that. Read up on who founded it, who the movers and shakers are of this society. Read up on the lucrative industry that it is.

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    It should also be pointed out that advancements in the field have nothing to do with Jehovah's witnesses. at all. They were not the least bit influential.

  • steve2

    It should also be pointed out that advancements in the field have nothing to do with Jehovah's witnesses. at all. They were not the least bit influential.

    Actually, their blood prohibition has led to some advances. Clearly, when a surgical team accepts the JW no blood policy, it has to proceed with more caution to reduce the likelihood of blood loss over and above that usually expected. Outcomes in some cases have included quicker recovery times (because surgery was relatively less invasive) and fewer post-surgical complications, especially those that can occur with blood transfusions.

    Of course, this is not the full story but it would be hard to successfully argue that the no blood policy hasn't produced beneficial outcomes for some types of surgery.

    But, yes, in more invasive surgical procedures, including for pregnancy, and especially in the case of medical trauma (i.e., sudden massive blood loss through accidents), blood transfusions literally and unquivocally save lives.

  • Diogenesister

    I know research is essential for confirming data but really, who would't be sure that taking more care and being less invasive would not be more effective which is all they have really established. And that for some proceedures only.

    Reading Orphan Crows'work was a revelation. Some witnessDr's are lining their pockets nicely.

    Remember too, in the US and other 1st world countries, yes, many options and new tec available. Where does that leave those who cannot afford health insurance in order fo pick and choose their care? In poor countries transfusion may be their only hope. Even the poor have blood.

    As increasingly new Witnesses are coming from poorer less educated countries I am relieved folks like you guys are keepin' the pressure on.😀👍

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