Stats of conventions in Mexico

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    The saddest part of those stats is that around 47% (average) of the ones getting baptized are under 18, and around 35-40% of all the ones baptized are clearly around 7-13 years.

    Way too young to be getting baptized!

    I felt absolutely horrible on this third convention because a kid, around 5 years old (max) was being told by his mom that he needed to learn all of the answers to the questions in the green book to be baptized. And that only Jehovah knew when you were ready...

    Made me sick to my stomach... I wanted to scream "you dumb F""$ยท$% bitch!"

    Idk reminded me too much of my childhood...

  • smiddy


    The saddest part of those stats is that around 47% are under 18 , and around 35-40% are around 7-13 years .

    I have to disagree with you here, about it being the saddest news , I think it is great news, and here is why.

    Firstly 7 -13 year old`s do not have a clue what they are doing , following mom and dad`s direction , give them a few more years even with today`s information technology do you honestly think the majority of them will still be active witnesses ? in 5- 10 years time ? I don`t think so .Sure some of them will have problems that they will need to come to grips with , but sites like this will be here to help them.

    Young ones , especially today , are confronted with more adult themes in movies T.V.`shows mobile phones , the internet ,Instagram ,twitter .AAp`s , F.B., and the list goes on .

    How much more so will they be subjected to this and more explicit scenes in the very near future .

    Hormones of young teenagers are ripe for investigation and exploration .And the strict interpretations of the WTB&TS will not be able to contain or control them .And more and more will be brought before a judicial committee ,alienating the parents and the children from the organization , or more sadly from each other .

    This may very well be the early days of the decline of the WTB&TS / Jehovah`s Witnesses in this 21`st Century.

    I say decline , not the end of the religion , their are plenty others who have gone through worse than this and still exist to this day.


  • dropoffyourkeylee
    In the US English conventions, the percent of baptized to attendees is closer to 0.5%, about half the Figures from Mexico. And the US is not getting the relatively high number of 18-40 age group. Majority there is under 20. As slow as Mexico is showing, U.S. Is slower
  • Driving Force
    Driving Force


    Good points you make.

    But still sad that these young ones are being psychologically abused.

  • ILoveTTATT2
    Why would it be great news? Those kids are pretty much doomed to having their families destroyed in the future. It is much different if they were 18+, adults who made the decision to be there and know fullly well what they are doing. There's not many of those, because... people don't join cults willingly.
  • Crazyguy
    I'm not sure if baptism really means that much. When people start to leave the Borg they do so whether or not baptized. Maybe the act holds a few more captive percentage wise but probably not by much. The numbers of ones waking up and speaking out is going up. Even older ones are thinking and showing that enough is enough.

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