We're All Going To Die

by Garrett 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • 2+2=5

    Speak for yourselves suckers!

    I have just lined myself up an eternity of fruit platters and panda interaction with some nicely dressed folks who just knocked on my door!

    They even mentioned something about dead relatives being remade along the way, so they can join in the fun.

    And we are never going to die!

  • wallsofjericho

    From an atheistic view death is not more harsh, rather life more precious

    in 100 years all of us will be dust in a grave

    so what could you possibly have to worry about?

  • OnTheWayOut

    In 1995, as a still-believing-J.W., I said "I am going to grow old in this system of things, and I am going to die in this system of things." So I had some time to adjust to that kind of thinking.

    But it was different when I realized that death is the end of it all. That's not just because such a thought is disturbing, but it is because I realized that as I was also realizing that I was living a lie in a dangerous mind-control cult.

    My point is that many of us think heavily about life and if this is all there is, but we only think it's something new. People have been facing mortality as long as there have been people. Thoughts changed as some thought they were going to hell or heaven or Valhalla or were reborn or whatever. But your questions are a major portion of philosophy too.

    Your thoughts on leaving a positive impact on lives are great. While nothing we do will last forever, we can make a difference in the temporary spot we hold.

  • Perry
    Worthy questions to ponder for sure. Hope your vacation is relaxing.
  • Oubliette

    That's right, and we're the lucky ones.

    I'll explain why later.

  • freemindfade
    You have everything to live for... don't obsess over death. Live.
  • steve2
    Death is the primary motivator of spiritual quests - especially how to avoid it.
  • jw07

    We all walk this planet for a short period of time. The best thing we can do is act to make the journey for those after us an easier one.

    The ironic thing is that accepting the JW outlook on life and death for instance hinders one from doing so to the full extent.

    Even if they have the mental ability to, by default JWs are prevented from reaching their full potential and leaving behind a legacy of great achievements in science, business, or politics.

  • brandnew
    Seize, and live for the day !!
  • John_Mann
    But even if we manage to cheat death (by science or some unknown mystical mechanism) the problem with death still goes on. If you realize death as complete oblivion you will see we already experience death because our memories just fade away or are imperfect. We cannot return to our exact frame of mind when we remember something. That's why Buddhism is so interesting to me...

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