JWs are not charitable

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  • Tech49

    One day I was at the KH early. The phone rang in the library. I answered, and a young lady was looking for help. She gave a tearful account of her current circumstances, and sounded like she TRULY did need a hand. She was reaching out to any and all churches in the area, looking to get signed up for anything she could.

    I was an elder at the time, and gave her the cold, typical JW answer: "We dont have any type of outreach program, or funding for the needy. "

    Right then I realized how utterly ridiculous that sounded, so I added "However, I know that the Catholic church up the street has a great program for actually helping needy ones, so give them a call."

    I was just beginning the process of waking up, and this was one of those defining moments I will never forget, the moment when I was truly embarrassed to be affiliated with WTBS.

  • punkofnice

    The WBT$ are not charitable because the Governing body want all the money for themselves to protect their beloved paedophiles and to perpetuate their rock star life styles.

  • StrongHaiku
    In all the years that I was JW I never did anything for the poor, hungry, destitute "worldly" people except for giving them a Bible Study. I think this is the only "charity" activity the Organization approves and supports. But then again, why would they advocate anything else as "worldly" people are so dehumanized and demonized. After a while, it becomes easier and easier to step over and ignore people that will someday be "bird food". Shameful. I am trying to make up for all those years now.
  • antes8080

    I'm working with some young ones In the cong to help them wake up. Couple weeks ago I took them on Saturday to do a community beach cleaning instead of service. We had so much fun. Even my super dub wife wants to join next month.

    I should them the yearbook that we spend 250 million hours in service. Imagine if just spend one or two million on helping the community. How much we could accomplish.

    two years ago I stop donating to the KH. And redirected my 50dlls amount donation a month to Humane society, they send you nice thank you letter and inform you what your donation is doing.

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