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  • _Morpheus

    Appreciate everyones observations, something else i forgot:

    at the end, the bad girl and the born in do nothing guy she married are having the final momentous argument to resolve the fate of their marriage. They are both crying and yelling. On her fathers advise (he repented in front of his bad girl daughter thay he didnt reach out for privledges) she pleads for her husband to stay. He yells "why??? Why do you want me to stay???" Her answer......

    "so you can live forever".

    Not i love you, not to work it out for the kids not any other good reason.... Just wt promises. What a complete piece of crap

  • JW_Rogue
    The whole movie is a scare tactic against marrying a "worldly" person. I know many JWs who aren't happy in their marriage. Why does the worldly guy have to be workaholic? Why is it such big deal that he misses meetings? Maybe, if the wife stopped nagging him and accepted that he doesn't believe in the "truth" they could be happy. Of course WT will never show that some people don't believe in the "truth", they have to make up some personality flaw that doesn't allow them to be JWs.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    Loved the Oscar worthy performances ...
  • _Morpheus
    Omg jwrouge i thought the same thing!! Im watching thinking 'i would be ready to leave this naggy bitch myself". She was aweful. Work was the only place he could get a break.
  • Awakenednow
    You guys are so right. My favorite character was the worldly friend. He's happy, hard working, a loyal friend who gives sound advice and seems still single over the age of 21 (I hope) . He's the only one modeling sound healthy behavior! Go worldly guy!!!
  • _Morpheus
    Awakenow- i forgot to mention him but yes! He was acutally portrayed as a "normal" guy dispite being wordly... The catch for his character came at the end: he told born in bad guy "church isnt my thing but i noticed your happier when you go to your meetings". He was there to say even wordly people notice that meetings are good for us... Nothing to do with the idea that it shuts up his wife of course...
  • Awakenednow
    Right on Morpheus ! The whole thing was completely propaganda for meetings. Funny how worldly boy didn't seek some of that "happiness at meetings" for himself. Guess he was too far gone in the world to not want that joy 🙏😳
  • Petraglyph
    Anyone willing to share a link?
  • JustVisting
    Morph, I noticed that the "worldly" normal guy was more of a self-starter than his boss. At one point normal guy asks his boss if he is prepared to do what it takes to have a successful business. At which point Brother Divided answers with a half-hearted "yes", while his eyes look up and to the sky- he is thinking how running a profitable enterprise conflicts with meetings, service, bible studies, family worship, elders meetings, hall maintenance, etc., etc.

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