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  • _Morpheus

    So i got coerced into watching this crap last night. A few observations:

    1) it personified the witness mantra that doing more for the org = happiness, doing not enough = misery

    2) they showed the "good girl" at building projecting meeting her future husband who, btw, was an understated milk toast pushover (witness men, dont have a spine if you want a wife). The "good girl" worked at starbucks for the duration of the video. No offense to baristas, i like starbucks as much as the next guy, but they almost glorified a minimum wage job.

    3) the "bad girl" eloped with a born in (that the "good girl" rejected) who never got baptised. He was very successful in buissness. They went out of their way to overdress and over makeup the "bad girl" as they showed the progression of time to highlight their success. She was reasonably attractive woman but looked ridiculous (on purpose) when overdone.

    4) the "bad girls" family had the bad girls poor choices blamed on... Wait for it...... The father. Yep. The bad girls problems were blamed on the fact that her father didnt reachout for privledges in the congregation. You cant make this up. They highlighted it several times!

    Im sure there more i will think of but wow what a manipulative piece of crap!

  • punkofnice

    thanks for falling on the grenade for the team Morph.

    Blimey, it sounds excruciating. Yes, the WBT$ always plays the guilt and blame game.

    I am more in favour of the GB being put on trial and being given the death penalty all the more as each day passes.

  • Room 215
    Room 215
    .. Nice, so now it's theocratic soap operas; what's next? Sophia and Caleb action figures? Freddie and Big Daddy Knorr must be spinning in their graves!
  • ToesUp

    I agree, it was a manipulative piece of crap.

    I felt so bad for the Dad when she went off on his lack of "spirituality." Well, as we all know, this is how the JW's work. You could beat the crap out of your family when no one is around but as long as you look outwardly spiritual all is good. It's all about the image.

    If you watch all the JW video dramas, they ALL have the same spin to them. I usually sit down with a glass of wine and have a good laugh! Oh Dubland...a strange and bizarre place!

  • Heaven
    FYI, this video is available on YouTube courtesy of wifibandit.
  • JustVisting

    Morph: "but they almost glorified a minimum wage job."

    Come on, Starbucks actually has a starting wage higher than minimum wage and offer health benefits. You can't blame spiritually minded witnesses for going for these acceptible entry-level jobs, especially when they allow time off for meetings and conventions.

    All in all, this video is a showcase for the warped view of reality that WT promotes. BTW, I think the witness "bad girl" is kinda hot.

  • konceptual99

    The "bad" girl has been in other things, most noticeably the Jeremiah book where she also played a bad girl getting hitched to a guy "out of da troof", rejecting counsel but then turning around and coming back. She is depicted in the painting with all the other people from the other illustrations in paradise as well.

    I wonder how good/connected you have to be to play a bad person?

  • brandnew

    Whos the horny neighbor from the " family guy".???

    Thats who the bad dude in the video looks like....LOL😁

  • freemindfade

    I remember sitting through the drama, and thinking, how does anyone else not see this as blatant biased manipulation??? And I wasn't even awake then.

    You can see through the JW's emotionally charged videos, and there caleb and sofia BS, and made up dramas, how even the stories in the bible were just made up to illicit control in the same way a long time ago

  • WingCommander

    I'd heard a lot about this video, so I watched it myself last week on youtube. I couldn't believe the blatant, manipulative BS being spewed forth. Highly controlling and manipulative. It's so obvious to me now.....and it really has a nice "Scientology" type feel to it. As if the JW's couldn't look even more like a cult, huh? After seeing this type of crapola, I could NEVER go back to such a controlling farce. These people are crazy!

    Whole video was awkward, stupid, unrealistic, manipulative, drivel.

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