Hey Simon, how about all the NEW ones, eh!

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  • Gopher

    Hi Abaddon,

    Interesting monikor and good post. Sounds like you're getting the 'ethos' of this board rather quickly.

    If my opinion matters, you qualify as a 'brother'. Our brother/sisterhood is based on the common ground of 'freedom'. Only a few posters out here fail to grasp the freedom concept.

    There are many people out here I consider 'friends' with whom I have serious differences in belief. Maybe they are farther along in their search for truth and I will 'catch up' to some of their beliefs someday. None of that matters. What matters is that we can openly and honestly share views and not get frowned on, marked or whatever.

    As far as the apostrophe, good point! I don't know, but since the name "Jehovah's Witness" was already used, the lack of an apostrophe is enough of a difference to keep this site safe from the hands of the WTS lawyers. haha.

    Looking forward to reading your story & Martini's as well.


  • Michael3000

    Abaddon, you're a pisser! great to see you here!



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