Hey Simon, how about all the NEW ones, eh!

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  • Martini

    Greetings to ALL,

    In particular to all the New ones. Wow it's great to have so many fresh X'ers or X'ers soon to be visiting and posting here, WELCOME! I was a regular poster here from the start of this board while witnesses.net and the original H20 were still active. I say this not to boast in any way but to make a point and an observation. For a long time while only the above said boards were up and running, many of us who were freshly discovering the "truth about the truth" wished for a board like this one . Many like myself felt that Wit.net was for the witness braindead but that H2O was full of "godless apostates" or so it seemed at the time:). Now look at this board it sounds like a bunch of "brothers and sisters" getting their brains back but still possess enough of that "new personality" to discuss many things anti-WTS,and yet not sound like 'worldlings' or X'ers with an axe to grind!

    The point is...this board has a good environment for those witnesses who have or will muster enough courage to check out non-WTS approved sites and not have to feel like they have landed in a pit of poisonous
    "apostates". (smile)

    Just to use some JW lingo:
    Thanks a million for this provision, Simon. A true blessing for many here now and for all those coming.

    Best wishes to all on the path to Christian freedom.

  • VeniceIT

    YAAA the more the Merrier I always say so Welcome and I hope you like it here as much as I do!!!!


  • Francois

    Martini and All:

    Good post that, and accurate too.

    I'd like to point out that many new people come here who are just getting that first dawning realization that all is not well with God's channel of communication. The attitude seems to be that the JWs have the "truth" but deal with it poorly. That's as good a place to start as any.

    From such small beginnings, more and more accurate assesments begin to pile us as minds clear and thinking becomes more free and spontaneous.

    It is beautiful to watch a mind throw off the shackles of cultic stultification. And to you folks involved in the process - congratulations. It's so much easier not to get involved in freeing yourself from the Borg. But you'll have a vastly better life.



  • Farkel

    : and not have to feel like they have landed in a pit of poisonous
    "apostates". (smile)

    I'm doing my best to make them feel welcome. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  • rollercoaster

    I for one have enjoyed the this place. I was so confused and didn't have anyone to talk to. I thought I was the only one feeling like I was betraying the org. Well, this is home for me. At least until I am ready to move on in my life. I have made new friends and am thankful everyday for that.
    Welcome all you new ones, and I look forward to hearing your stories and reading your posts.


  • Prisca

    I came as a Witnet refugee when that site closed down, and I was made welcome here from the very start! I have made many friends along the way and I hope to make many more.

    So to all the newbies (and lurkers thinking about joining) - WELCOME!

    P.S. Witnesses.net wasn't and never could be as braindead as Witnessesonline (WOL) - now THAT is one sad site! LOL

  • larc


    I don't have direct access to WOL, but I have read several of their threads when someone here provides a link. I find their dialogue so insipid I want to gag. Then I remember - that is the way I used to think. It makes me shudder.

  • Angharad

    Just like to Hi and welcome to all the new ones also, its getting very hard to keep up with all the hello's.

  • Martini

    Good Heavens Farkel, I was always misled to believe that the wolves would be wearing sheeps covering...How was I supposed to know that in the case of H2O the 'sheep' were actually the ones wearing the wolves attire.:) Good job and Thanks Farkel,

  • Abaddon

    Well I don't know if I should go sharpen my axe ("X'ers with axes to grind") or just hiss ("pit of apostates")!

    Do I qualify as a 'brother'? What's the difference between a brother and a "brother"? Oh, goodness, I might sound like a "worldling"! Gasp! What if you find cultlings scarey and worldlings nice?

    Is the bit about 'not stumbling your brothers' at the top of the page serious? Or is to make it less daunting to those poor, poor new ones (rather than battle scarred bastards like me) who constantly need re-assuring that Satan is not going to surf through their modem?


    Are you still an apostate if you just think that the JW's are a mind-control cult based upon a belief in a god who (probably) doesn't exist? Or are you only an apostate if you argue about the shades of belief and have a different opinion from twelve old blokes in Brooklyn? Do you actually have to be disfellowshipped or disassociated to be an apostate? What if you walked away?

    If they gave Elders phazers would they disintegrate people?

    Whatever you do, don't take me too seriously. I'm not quite in tune with the ethos of this board yet, or totally familiar with the spread of beliefs, but seldom have anything against Christians if they don't have anything against me! Other than disagreeing on LOADS, but since when has that meant you can't enjoy each other company?? It's also obvious that at least some of the people here are probably just as wordly as me. Yippie!! I will get round to posting an intro soon, but in the meantime I have one big question.

    Where's the apostrophe?

    'Jehovahs Witness' means several Jehovahs observe something happen.

    'Jehovah's Witness' means a witness of Jehovah.

    I remember being down at the Cavern in Exeter once when there was a load of bikers in. The local chapter is one called 'Satans Slaves'. Do you realise what difficulty this places a smart-arse in?

    Thirty bikers with jackets that say, well, nothing, as 'Satans Slaves' doesn't have ANY meaning, it's two plurals one after another, as distinct from 'Satan's Slaves' which means slaves of Satan. It might be tradition in biker gangs, as the 'Hells Angels' patch also lacks an apostrophe. Is this place a biker gang for JW's? Cool!!

    As an English bloke Simon, you should know better... oh, and if Chelsea or Paddington mean anything to you, we've met in dubville as you look familiar.

    got to live for
    you'd die for?

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