The sheer lunacy of Jackson's view regarding mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.

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    I'm trying to figure out how to explain the WTBTS's errors to bible believers.


  • JWdaughter

    DD, you are absolutely right. OTHERWISE, they would have to go to jail rather than report at all, mandatory, even. Bible principles are not keeping them from reporting, JW mandates are keeping them from reporting.

    In this way we can see that the "confidentiality" reqirement is not only bogus as applied to JWs legally, it is bogus as it applies to JWs 'spiritually', as we all already know. They just make up crap as it suits them.

  • Scully

    Lisa Rose:

    What also bugs me is that elders had knowledge that allowed them to protect their children, but did nothing to protect other children in the congregation.

    This is precisely the way things went down in my case. A so-called Repentant™ child molester (of his own daughters, no less) was DF'd and then Reinstated™. His victim of choice were teenagers, and one of his daughters was about the same age as me. So they let the guy back in, not once, but twice, and in this instance, the Elders™ decided that their own daughters deserved to be kept away from this predator, and instead assigned him to the Congregation Book Study™ in my parents' home. My dad was a mere Ministerial Servant™ at the time, and therefore not privy to the Confidential™ goings-on of the Judicial Committee™ that DFd and Reinstated™ this man. The very first Meeting™ he attended there, he pretended to hug me, in front of a dozen people. His back was to the group in an archway by the front door, and as he held me, he implored me "Don't leave Jehovah, like K... did," and fondled my left breast.

    When it finally occurred to me, many years later, the behind-the-scenes decision-making process that allowed the Elders™ to think it was perfectly acceptable to throw me under the bus like that, I was absolutely livid. I've never felt so betrayed in my life.


    Holy shit, Scully!!! If there is a GOD, these a-holes have much to answer for.

    I just reviewed some bible passages during the "Imitate Jewbus" RC ( cause I was THAT bored!!) and I notice a scripture that said ( I'm paraphrasing ) "love does not work evil on ones neighbor."

    I ask you, how is allowing a Pedo to go unreported, thereby allowing him to molest a neighbors child, a loving thing to do?? How is that following Jeezeus??

    The WTBTS has condemned themselves by their own holy book!


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Jackson actually said that he hoped that the elder's conscience would move them to report to the authorities. Here we have a member of the GB the body that all witnesses have looked to for direction, the body that has discouraged reporting, has never voluntarily reported he bats the responsibility straight back to the poor dumb elders.

    How double tongued is that?

  • Heaven

    During Jackson's testimony, he stated that the elders were "friends" and not paid for what they do, that they perform this role out of love. It jolted me that Jackson would even say this. It speaks to a number of issues and may also be part of the reason why there is such a massive abuse problem in this religion.

    As if to say, how can you expect these men to be held accountable or be able to handle the burden of all of this? I felt this was also a pivotal statement.

  • Finkelstein

    Good point Sliden Fast, that statement contravenes what the WTS and all its elders have been doing within this organization for a very long time . The WTS has been treating pedophilia as just another form of sexual misconduct by an adult and their own investigation has been foiled by the two witness rule among other armature procedures by people who aren't trained professionally to do so.

    Religion is a causative result of some hideous unjustness at times and the reasons for that should be obvious.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I listened to Jackson, and others before him, talk about family headship this and family headship that, as though family headship presented some supposed biblical principle making it wrong for elders to report child molestation to authorities. But I never heard one articulate why this was the case.

    It creeped me out when they used the scripture, "each one must carry his own load." So a child has been abused and the "responsible parent" is a mind-controlled wreck, unwill/unable to report this crime to the police. This turns into a terrible load for a child to bear. Why did they neglect the scripture that says to help bear the burdens of one another?

    Their picking and choosing of verses makes people disgusted at JWs. It will also make them disgusted at the bible.

  • JWdaughter
    Heaven, you are right. Pastors are held accountable by the congregations that appoint and or pay them. These men were in a submissive relationship to the org and controls the congregations. They aren't accountable in any way to anyone sitting in those kingdom hall's.

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