The sheer lunacy of Jackson's view regarding mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.

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  • Heaven

    Hoser, I had the same impression. Jackson reminds me of several people I've had to deal with throughout my life. When asked a simple 'Yes or No' type question, they ramble on and on about crap that has nothing to do with my question.

    I have to constantly reply, "Ok. But you still haven't answered my question."

    Sometimes I have to tell them "A simple yes or no will suffice."

    It can be exhausting.

    The facial expressions of both Angus Stewart and Peter McClellan (and others) throughout these proceedings have been interesting. They have a cool and calm exterior and conduct themselves very professionally, but I suspect inside they're disgusted and very likely angry. A couple of times McClellan seemed to start to get impatient with these JWs.


    Jackson was basically saying that the WTBTS would report if the Superior Authorities had not dropped the ball and neglected to make reporting mandatory....DD

    WatchTower Problems are Always Someone Else`s Fault..


    .............................A WORLD WHERE NOTHING STICKS..


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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    And he said elders couldn't report it scripturally because the bible says that the family is so highly respected and it's their private family business to decide whether or not to report this crime to the police. The elders can't possibly interfere with what goes on inside the home and what decisions the family makes.

    Yeah, this bullsh!t from an organization that has "bedroom laws" regarding a couples sexual activities.

  • Ucantnome
    maybe luke 22:38 was had some bearing onit.
  • snugglebunny
    Is Jackson an Australian? I'm sure I'm picking up a South African twang there.
  • Heaven
    snugglebunny, yes, Jackson is Australian, born in Queensland in 1955.
  • OrphanCrow
    LisRose: What also bugs me is that elders had knowledge that allowed them to protect their children, but did nothing to protect other children in the congregation.

    In addition to that - not protecting the other children in the congregation - the way that a child abuse issue is handled within a family once an allegation has been made is a set-up for the abuse to happen again.

    Early in the hearings, it was revealed that the JWs in BCG's case actually encouraged the abuser to move back into a family unit with children he had already abused. This simply is a situation that is created that would allow the elders to collect more evidence.

    Returning an abuser to the family unit, expecting that the mother would be the supervisor when she didn't do that before, is negligent to the welfare of the children.

    Even Jackson talked about how a second abuse allegation could be aquired by leaving the abuser in the home (at about 35:50 of part two). He stated that if the mother sees the father do something inappropriate that "then we have the two witnesses".

    It appears like the JW elders are well aware that the child(ren) will be further abused and are just waiting for it to happen so they can proceed with their disciplinary committee. The welfare of the child(ren) is secondary to the collection of evidence. The child is used as bait for their judicial process.

  • newsheep
    Unfortunately this still will not open up the jw's eyes. If the org is forced to report paedophiles to the authorities thanks to the Royal Commission, do you really think any jw will ask themselves why did it take another group of imperfect men to set them straight and not their all perfect faithful and discreet slave class? Now who really is the faithful and discreet slave?
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Watchtower's failure to have elders encourage victims (or their guardians) to report their victimization to trained secular authorities as a matter of policy has never made any sense to me. That they fail in this no-brainer says plenty about where Watchtower's priorities lay.

    As for elders reporting, Watchtower's failure to have elders report this as a matter of policy it is absurd for reasons given. If doing this is contrary to some supposed scriptural principle then doing it would be wrong no matter what the law demanded. But when local law requires it Watchtower policy does have elders report these allegations. So there is not supposed scriptural principle at work suggesting the act of elders reporting is somehow wrong. I listened to Jackson, and others before him, talk about family headship this and family headship that, as though family headship presented some supposed biblical principle making it wrong for elders to report child molestation to authorities. But I never heard one articulate why this was the case. Just lots of scripture talk without ever one time articulating precisely what it is about family headship that prohibits elders from reporting.


    Just to be clear, MY logic is sound, correct??

    Assuming the bible is inspired, there are no scriptures that prohibit reporting allegations to the Superior Authorities who are appointed by God, according to the bible.

    So there was NEVER a contradiction. For Jackson to admit that the WTBTS would report (if it was the law) is proof of this because the WTBTS would not/ could not comply with any law that contradicts God's word, no matter the penalty. Therefore, there has never been a legitimate obstacle to reporting allegations. It simple wasn't done because of negligence.


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