Yoga-gate 2001

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  • Esmeralda

    Good Greif. My JW relatives really, really need to get a hobby of some kind to keep them

    My sister Claire stopped by today (with a hilarious story of a comedy of errors and how all
    my relatives assumed that other relatives were picking up my daughter for the memorial...
    but that's another post right there)

    Anyway, she said to me "You look really good today, better than I've seen you in awhile."

    "I've started doing some gentle restorative Yoga. Doing wonders for my muscles" I replied.

    A few minutes later, she said "Dad called me up today and said 'what do you think about Yoga?'

    "How the heck does Dad know I'm doing yoga? I haven't told anyone until you just now!"

    "I asked him why he asked, and he told me that he'd called your house and Leah answered the phone.
    Said you couldn't come to the phone because you were 'meditating and doing your yoga'. He was
    concerned. I told him that stretching exercises are good for you...and..." then she paused "As long
    as you're not doing trascendental meditation or whatever..."

    I laughed out loud.

    Can you believe that! I've been disfellowshipped nearly three years and my family is still
    gossiping about something as trivial as the kind of exercise I do.

    Good grief.

    Happy Monday everybody.

    The Four Agreements:
    Be Impeccable With Your Word
    Don't Take Anything Personally
    Don't Make Assumptions
    Always Do Your Best

  • stephenw20

    Yes , Es

    I can beleive it... I had elders at my house with articles in hand because I was doing BREATHING exercises and meditation.......

    they could have shared the time with their own families........their loss!


  • conflicted

    Both of you should know that meditation (on any subject other that WTS material), is opening your mind and practically inviting demons to possess you. You dont want that do you - demon possession is serious business. You may be tempted to watch smurfs or pokemon. You might purchase something from a yard sale, then where would you be? Believe me, meditation is the root of all evil...wait, that's money, well it's bad anyway.

    DONT DO IT!! You'll regret it when the demons are running you lives and making you read comic books and play video games.

    Very bad habits - I don't think either one of you are very good associations at all. I'll pray for you - you truely must cease and decist from this demonic lifestyle and repent you vile, evil, and detestible ones.

    I could almost write for the Watchtower - what do you think?

  • dedalus


    Yoga? Meditation? SHOCKING!

    Why in the world would you want to be healthy and mentally astute? I get shivers just thinking about it!

    Surely you could spend your time more productively, say, standing on street corners in sub-zero weather gripping a crumpled Watchtower in a frostbitten death-grip so passersby will see the light of God's truth and be saved from his everlasting anger?

    Honestly, Es, have you asked yourself, "Am I doing enough? Couldn't I do more, and then more on top of that, for God's one and only true Organization? Or am I being selfish, looking after my physical health, clearing my mind from the distractions of the day, so I can have more energy to celebrate my family and those who love me? Didn't Jesus say we should hate our families, ourselves, and sell as many magazines as we can?"

    Chew on that next time you're meditating.


  • Esmeralda

    *ROFL* You guys crack me up. Almost make me long for the days when I was being so
    tenderly shepherded by the elders of the local congregation...NOT!

    They called on me for several reasons at different times...when I legally changed my first name
    at the age of 21, because the name I chose was the same as a character in a play I'd seen...and
    "the brothers and sisters in the congregation felt that it was unbalanced to do so...that it
    was idolatry." I asked them if they'd ever heard the name before they'd heard of the play.

    Yes, they reluctantly replied. Well, so had I, I replied. My choice was no one's business.

    Then they called on me again...because my (now ex) husband and I were allowing the teenagers
    from the hall to come over, sit around in our livingroom and watch Star Trek, the Next Generation.

    They said that we were 'furthering interest in questionable entertainment in the congregation."

    Heaven forbid the kids should have somewhere safe to go and hang out. They should all be
    out drinking instead, I guess.

    I will be sure to think on my transgressions the next time I meditate, Dedalus. Thank you for
    your wise spiritual counsel ;) Love ya kid brother!


    The Four Agreements:
    Be Impeccable With Your Word
    Don't Take Anything Personally
    Don't Make Assumptions
    Always Do Your Best

  • stephenw20


    no you cant write for the Watchtower.....otherwise you would be annonymous......we already know who you are...........

    and besides would also mean you have some kind of MAGICAL conncetion with the GB.....magical in ....they dont write it ...but somehow ...........the words of the Watchtower are gods must happen when they PROOF READ.... if they can they read at all?..

    now that is magic.......

    Olin R. Moyle, v F.W.Franz, et al. Libel suit testimony, May 10th to May 27th, 1943, New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division:
    Fred W. Franz on the witness stand, sections 2596 & 2597 -

    "Q. At any rate, Jehovah God is now the editor of the paper, is that right ?

    A. He is today the editor of the paper.

    Q. How long has he been editor of the paper ?

    A. Since its inception he has been guiding it.

    Q. Even before 1931 ?

    A. Yes, sir."

    Nathan Homer Knorr on the witness stand, at the same Olin Myle trial, sections 4420 & 4421 :

    "Q. But you don't make any mention in the fore part of your Watch Tower that "We are not infallible and subject to correction and may make mistakes" ?

    A. We have never claimed infallibility.

    Q. But you don;t make any such statement, that you are subject to correction, in your Watch Tower papers do you ?

    A. Not that I recall.

    Q. In fact, it is set forth directly as God's Word, isn't it ?

    A. Yes, as His Word.

    Q. Without any qualification whatsoever ?

    A. That is right.".

    NOTE - that at the time of the above trial, Mr. Nathan H. Knorr was already the President of the Watch Tower Society. 0#00------------------------------------

    is there any wonder we are where we are now!?

  • doubtingsister

    LOL Es!

    Because of your good experiences with yoga that you've been sharing I rented a tape from the library and am giving it a try. So far, it's been very good for my posture and I'm not too sore so I must be doing it somewhat correctly.
    I rented it the other night with the intentions of starting it the next morning. A little later, while I was on the computer I heard the kids giggling and when I checked on them they were doing yoga and they were really enjoying it. They looked so cute trying to stretch their legs and stuff, shoulda grabbed the camera, but didn't want to interrupt them. It's a beginners tape so it's fairly basic. What tapes or books would you recommend?

    P.S. sorry about not answering you in email, I'll be getting to it tonight.

  • ShaunaC

    Yes, STOP!!! No slow & deep controlled breathing! No concentration of relaxing all of the muscles in your body! No stretching of those muscles & joints! It bad, I tell ya!!! Nothing but the works of the Devil!!!

  • Esmeralda

    LOL Shauna!

    Doubtingsis, I've only had the tape for a couple of weeks and already I've been
    able to cut back on the amount of ibuprofin I take for pain. It's amazing.

    The tape I got is called Yoga for Relaxation and the instructors on it are Patricia Walden and
    Rodney Yee. (it's on the Living Arts label, and produced by Yoga Journal)

    I haven't seen any of their other tapes in the series, but I'm hoping to try the beginners one out.
    I have to be careful because between the M.S. and asthma if I raise my temperature or
    try to do anything aerobic, I keel over *lol*. I have enough trouble walking, so I
    can't do any standing poses, sitting and laying only, that's why I'm so thrilled that there is at least one yoga tape
    I can do. I've been unable to do any stretching or anything at all for so long, its
    always too strenuous. This is such a great solution for me :)

    I sound like a freaking informercial *LOL* Can't help it. I've been sleeping better, eating less
    and feeling more peaceful and relaxed. No wonder my JW relatives are flipping out ;) If I'm happy,
    I must be doing something wrong, right? *lol*

    Don't worry about the e mail, DS..I know how busy you are!


    p.s. Rodney Yee was on Oprah last Friday, I think you can see a clip of it on her
    website! Try going to and then clicking on the "after the show" link
    for last Friday's show.

    The Four Agreements:
    Be Impeccable With Your Word
    Don't Take Anything Personally
    Don't Make Assumptions
    Always Do Your Best

  • conflicted

    Ooooooh! She watches Star-Trek too. Will the demonization ever cease? I can see it now - poor Esmeralda strapped to a bed riddled with demons and the GB standing in the background saying, "We said yoga was bad for her."

    Pitiful and sad :(

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