Jehovah's Witnesses Can't Remember (video)

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  • mulder_scully

    Hi friends!

    I normally post over on /r/exjw but I've been reading more and more over here on this forum and found it incredibly supportive and informative. I hope to participate in this community and become an active member.

    I created this short video compiling the Australian Royal Commission hearings because I wanted to contribute to the exjw communities. I hope ya'll enjoy, :)

  • Freesoul
    Luv it, well done on the editing
  • Lemonp
    Brilliant work, well done!
  • Listener

    Hi mulder scully and welcome. Looking forward to your future posts and thanks for the video.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hahaha. Thank you for that bit of JDub Elder's displaying their brand of theocratic warfare. Someone tells you about horrific sexual abuse and you just can't remember? Disgusting creeps and they call themselves loving shepherds who innocent, kind hearted people are suppose to rely on and should go to as in finding shelter in a storm?

    Forget them!

    Who is going to step up and disfellowship these lying pieces of garbage?

    They should be kicked out of human society for they are not fit human beings. Over 1000 abusers and no one calls the Police because the WT publishing house and worldwide real estate development company doesn't want any bad publicity!

    Shame on them.


  • Splash

    Hi mulder_scully, nice mash-up!

    One of the elders emotively stated he felt sickened by what he heard, but then went on to say he can't remember what he heard, just that he remembers being sickened by it.

    I think the court room rolled their eyes at that point.

    No credibility.

  • freddo
    Yep I remember that Splash.
  • fastJehu

    @ mulder_scully

    Welcome on board. I love you nick name - because I love the films about them.

    Thanks for the video.

  • freemindfade

    Can you edit that and add the scripture about the Holy Spirit telling them what to say when taken before the Superior Authorities? LOL!!

    Sanhedrin: We positively ordered you to stop preaching on the name of Jesus, yet you have filled Jerusalem with this teaching!!

    Peter: Mmmmm...I don't recall any of that...


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