1 must see film

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  • Twitch

    Good flic

    Ed Norton rocks!

  • mavie

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    The scene in Act I where our common ancestor discovers a bone can be used as a tool to kill represents the dawn of mankind. The tool is almost immediately used to kill others of its kind. Fast-forward to today, conflict resolution hasn't changed much.

    I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I get a knot of excitement in my stomach when I watch the 'bone smashing' scene. Watching our common ancestors become tool users coupled with the elegant and bombastic Thus Spoke Zarathustra gets me every time.

    That scene connects me to what it means to be human.

  • theinfamousone

    thats funny, i was just mentioning american history x in another thread... its an amazing movie, although brutal at some points... im still a sucker for To KIll A Mockingbird, but american history x has a 90s realism to it... it is a must see

    the infamous one

  • MsMcDucket

    I bought the movie "American History X" years ago. It is a good movie, but I can't watch it again. I love "To Kill A Mockingbird", too. It upsets me to watch movies about racism, deep into my soul. A lot of the movies, I don't watch. I don't know how I made myself watch "A Time to Kill".

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    This is the best movie I've ever seen on the topic of racism in America:


    Don't look for big name producers or actors like Spike Lee (actually, it does poke fun of him a bit in at least one scene I remember), but it's very well done in my opinion. It's a series of little skits combined together to show various perspectives on different issues, with characters that are ordinary people you can relate to. One of my favorite scenes is where some young boys are all running down the street-at first glance, several scenarios come to mind as to what is happening. It's almost like a little test thrown straight at the audience. Don't wanna ruin the surprise moment when the real scenario is revealed, but the guess you make in this scene will tell you a lot about yourself.

  • 5go

    A Perfect Blue ( anime )

    Gets the whole manic depressive life is changing for the worst yet getting better going insane thing right.

    Basicaly peeks into the mind of someone dealing with things they can and can't change. Also about being famously yet disapointing the fans and then having them try to kill you.

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