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  • OrphanCrow
    NewYork44m: For example, do you think that Monica Applewhite's career will ever recover after this?

    Nah. She will be just fine. The Catholics will keep using her skills. So will the WTS.

    Applewhite has done extensive work within the Catholic community and will continue to do so. She will still appear as an expert witness - the States will take her. She is the one who gave testimony for the Conti case and the American legal system didn't challenge her testimony then...she will be safe as long as she picks her court locations carefully.

  • flipper
    I think Jackson wasted at least a half hour of valuable time just answering many questions with a " I'd like a chance to explain that...... " then go into some diatribe for 5 minutes or so doing the JW thing of switching subjects several times. Each time Stewart and McClellan had to reel Jackson back in like a fish trying to wiggle off the hook
  • Finkelstein

    Each time Stewart and McClellan had to reel Jackson back in like a fish trying to wiggle off the hook.

    Part of being a religionist or spiritualist is to deflect responsibility from oneself and in place quote the sacred manuscripts, which in this case is 2 to 3 thousand years old, the bible.

    Heaven forbid mankind reverting back to the social moral standards of the ancient Hebrews.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes
    There will be changes in how abuse cases are handled. The sad point is that the rank and file will praise the GB for the changes not realizing that it was not at the direction of the holy spirit but due to the ARC.
  • Heaven

    Finkelstein said: Heaven forbid mankind reverting back to the social moral standards of the ancient Hebrews.

    Yes, I do forbid this. There will be no reverting. I have stated it. It shall be done ...errr... not done. Whatever.
  • brandnew
    If just the mandatory reporting is made smilingâ˜ș
  • steve2

    The occasional poster stills says this won't change the JW organization one iota. Wrong. The only question will be how much. The whiff of the threay of lawsuits may be the biggest motivator of change, but so will the commission's recommendations, and, especially if passed into law (e.g., mandatory reporting) - and in the arena of policies and procedures in responding to allegations of child sexual abuse, it will be important for the JW organization to avoid being seen as backward.

    There'll be change - but, yes, how much will be the only question. Even if the core organization remains unchanged, as long as policies and procedures in keeping children safe are parsmount.

  • wallsofjericho


    your reasoning with your wife was spot on

  • _Morpheus
    Wait a second there my friend... Quote me in context. I said manditory reporting yes, all the other apostate wet dreams, no. Never happen. This is a blip on the radar screen for the borg. They just. Dont. Care.
  • steve2

    Sorry if I quoted you out of context, Morpheus. My bad.

    However, I construe the JW organization as having a private face ( which has concerns more important to its interests than the cries of victims of sexual abuse at the hands of active JWs) and a public one (keen to be perceived as a loving, caring, empathic, morally sound group of 'true' worshippers).

    Secular inquiries speak to the public face to try to effect change at the private policy and procedure level. Hence, sanctions and rules only reach so far. But, like most social legislation, the motivation for change (e.g., avoid penalties) is less important than the fact that the legislation is followed.

    Little by little, year-by-year, ageing end-times religions must shift the focus to how they live from short-term focusing on pressing for the end to come. In this 'settling' down phase problems of everyday living are more likely to surface and the group's leaders are forced to attend , more and more on order within - which requires constant review of policies and procedures as new problems emerge.

    Oh, child sexual abuse within the JW organization is not new - but what is new is secular society's pressing all groups to comply with legislation to follow best practice in looking after children. In a million print miles expecting to be persecuted for preaching its message of the end, I bet the GB never would have anticipated it would not be persecuted for noble witnessing of the word but instead be called to account for its derelict and backward policies and procedures on child protection.

    Shameful indeed - and this public scrutiny has a corrective capacity within an organization that hankers for the status of moral superiority over all the "false" religions outside its ranks.

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