Jacksons giving a bloody witness!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • JustVisting
    Yes, I was thinking that too. There is a TMS speaker's point that says, good public speakers should wait for persons unfamiliar with the bible book locations when asking them to follow the reading of quoted scriptures. It was patronizing to assume that an experienced, well educated judge could not quickly find a page in a book, especially when they could have anticipated that Jackson would refer to a hodge-podge of Bible verses. As if the RC would be unprepared for that tactic.
  • OrphanCrow

    Jackson revealed far more than he realizes with his "preaching". Cool. He showed the whole world what an idiot he is. Now everybody can see what the JWs are subjected to on a continual basis.

    At the beginning of his testimony, he made sure to relate all the "facts and figures" that are the mainstay of the cult.

    Lol! He claimed that there were "20 million associated" and "8.2 million active" JWs. Well, what does that say, really? There are more people that have left, faded, but no longer want to be counted as JWs than that have stayed inside the cult? It sounds like 11.8 dissatisfied JWs to me.

    Or maybe...those are the ones that come out of the bush once a year with their old Rutherford literature in hand to attend the annual non-blood ritual.

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