I wish Geoffrey Jackson wasn't being questioned at all vs a video link...

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    umbertoecho - "Also, I loved and hated his thoughts about how a mother could plant ideas in a child's mind about sexual abuse...Hence the need for elders to be extra cautious.."

    My dad (a former elder) once told me something like this had actually happened in another congregation (he never gave names)...

    ...a JW single mom had been interested in a fellow in her congregation, but he did not reciprocate; not long after, she and her daughter accused him of sexual misconduct towards her/them.

    Due to the "two witness" rule, he was summarily DFed, and stayed that way for approximately ten years. They wouldn't reinstate him, because even though he faithfully attended the meetings all that time, he nevertheless insisted on proclaiming his innocence, and it had caused quite a scandal.

    Eventually, the daughter's conscience bothered her to the point that she confessed to the elders that her testimony was false and that her mother had put her up to it to retaliate against the poor guy for not reciprocating (undiagnosed or untreated mental illness were a factor, I suspect, and therefore probably the reason he didn't reciprocate).

    Needless to say, he was quickly reinstated.

    I never heard what happened to the mother.

    That story actually made me scared to date when I was in my early teens*, so even if it wasn't actually a true account (I suspect it was, though), I suppose it served the WTS's purpose.


    * My experience (or lack thereof) with non-JW girls probably didn't help either.

  • umbertoecho

    Yes, It can happen. I have no doubt that things like this have happened. Mr Jackson just happened to bring it up at the worst or best moment. I suppose I should have clarified what I meant. I mean it's very difficult to coach thoroughly a little child of say three or four into a consistent statement of abuse..........The authorities would be best at handling such things, they would have the nurses, equipment, experiences, there would be some good coming out this approach from both sides of that argument.

    No religious society is capable of know what to do forensically and in terms of clinical forensics. This would have saved that poor guy from being abused by the society as well.

    Leave it to those who really know what they are doing. I believe that is the safest policy we have to rely upon to date. I do understand that this was a rotten miscarriage of justice regarding the good old two witness thingy and that there was no way he could defend himself. I believe in leaving it to the experts, to establish if something has been lied about....Not a group of men, with absolutely no experience. I stands to reason that one would want an expert or four to help establish what really happened.

    Back to Jackson. He was a bloody idiot to bring it up at that point though. He was alluding to the lying of children, when his is not qualified to do such a thing.

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