The recent Royal Commission hearings have stirred up my emotions ....

by troubled mind 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • umbertoecho

    troubled mind.

    With you all the way and understand what it must have been like. I hope you can ........god...all these corny time worn phrases were about to spew out of my mouth just then. There are no real words of comfort are there?

    Just know this. I do understand and relate to you and wish you well.xx

  • Magwitch
    Dear Troubled Mind....I so feel your pain. This whole Australian Commission has brought up old pain that I too thought was put away forever. When Angus said the words "Captive organization", it literally took the wind out of me. I started sobbing and choking almost uncontrollably. These were my first tears in many, many years.
  • Xanthippe
    Troubled mind, thank you for telling your story and for being an example to many of us who are still trying to find that glorious freedom of totally accepting ourselves. We will go forward together and our victory will be that we need no one to tell us our worth.

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