Anyone seen this new "Bad Association" video at the Convention yet?

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  • respectful_observer

    @wifibandit - somewhat off-topic: do you also have a link to the Sunday session? Tried to find it, but couldn't.

  • WingCommander

    I just scrolled thru (fast-forward, stop, repeat) some of this Convention and wow! Crazy! Lett is a freakin' clown! TOMO III is wearing what looks to be a Brooks Brothers suit, shiny shoes, gold pinky ring, gold tie clip. Nothin' but the best for TOMO III. Lett looks like a used car salesman in his JC Penny suit! (though he did have his pinky ring on too) I swear, I could only take small doses of TOMO III, as his smug, condescending disposition totally turns me off. How in the hell can people clap like seals for that egomaniac? Not me!!!!

    This is a different, dumbed down religion for sure. Loved how TOMO III spoke about people of the world not wanting to be "controlled". No shit Sherlock, we out here all have a little something called FREE WILL.

    Screw that fat windbag; I'm so glad I've not donated a dime to the WT cult since I was 10!

  • wifibandit
  • daringhart13
    So incredibly disturbing. Those poor kids.......... how anyone can watch this and not get uncomfortable is amazing.
  • talesin

    "... the fact that I had to open my mouth and just prove myself ... i was so disappointed in myself."

    That's just what a teenage gurl needs to feel about herself. NOT!


  • diana netherton
    diana netherton
    This is so disturbing to me. I was a born-in years ago and I thought that was bad. But this just takes it to a whole new level. That poor girl WASN'T doing anything wrong. Just hanging out with friends. These scare tactics should be child abuse. What did that speaker say?? Teens fall into the "snare and fear?"
  • Vidiot

    wifibandit - "This kind of crap is one of the reasons that /r/exjw is teaming with stuck-in teens who are planning their escape!"

    It's the same principle that caused "abstinence-only" sex-ed and anti-pot propaganda to ultimately fail; the experience that kids in fundy households actually have with the "real world" puts the lie to the claims that it's a constantly dangerous, degenerate wasteland...

    ...and nobody likes to feel like they've been lied to.

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  • Pistoff

    Ugh, I tried, I can't bring myself to watch this manipulative trash

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