Sydney Morning Herald Headline about Compensation for Victims May Cause JW Organization to Gasp

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  • umbertoecho

    Watch Tower religion was banned here in Australia in the forties. They were not considered to be a genuine sort of religion but rather a sect.

    Australia will do what it wants if there is no redress. They are not afraid of such moves. WT may let the witnesses flounder due to the smallish numbers of active witnesses. The society has a tax exempt status that they fear losing. The commission was an "under oath" hearing that is there to access in the future....There will be claims and the knowledge gained from these hearings will support those claims. I will watch with great interest from now on.... Especially as WTBTS had called for all funds to be marked as donations and sent to Headquarters in America. How suspicious is that!!

  • umbertoecho


    It doesn't matter if it's not in print. It's on the internet and can't be avoided. People are curious about this GB man and what he had to say. I think he sort of , kind of, may be'd the possibility of joining in with other organizations in redress.....He shouldn't be too hard pressed to get out of that jamb, using the "stay away from the world" scriptures.

    What he won't be able to undo is that fact that in principle he had to admit there was a problem and that redress should be considered. Neither can they shred the documents now held by the RC showing such awful figures and lack of action. Neither can they say something to the contrary when re telling their version of events. It's recorded and for that I am eternally grateful to RC and those who saved the videos. I feel better about this when I think upon it.

    The RC were polite to him, so that cans the wicked world of cruel unscrupulous people into the bin too. What is so perfect about all of this, is the calm and diligent manner in which the RC treated everyone. Now, I defy all witnesses to find fault with that.....

  • Mephis

    The scriptural principle they'll look to first will be Revelation 18:4. The Commission will need to offer them a library pass to overcome that objection.

  • steve2

    Umbertoecho-all power to you my friend. You are a voice of impassioned heart, soul and reason!

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